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SF / Monterey area Dualtron ride


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Interest in a ride / lunch for some fall colors, with a target of the Dualtron folks?

Not excluding others, just a speed class thing. Please forgive me if I'm violating any rules of decorum, I'm new at this. I've had my Thunder for less than a month. Just thinking it's hard for 15mph max scooters to keep up with a ride going 20-30.

Anyway, if there's interest, let's set a date soon and get it going. Thinking we ride somewhere with food, stop and eat, hang out, ride back.

So, suggest dates, locales!



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Our BAEUC group has a Halloween ride scheduled for Sat. Oct. 27 at 2 p.m. Meeting at Starbucks at 685 Beach. We're meeting up with BAESK8 to do a large group ride. And everyone has 20+ mph rides at least, lots of MSX, fast scooters, plus Lacroix and Kaly boards, promise you won't be disappointed by the pace at the front of the pack! 

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Thinking about going on the BAESK8 ride this weekend on Saturday. Only thing holding me back a little right now is it's damn COLD! Still, probably 80/20 I'll be there.

Also excited about the Friday night and Saturday rides next month with the NYC gang. I'll be there for those for sure!

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