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  1. What phone and app are you using? Are you connecting to KingsongSongMusic via Bluetooth? If so, some apps let you choose where you want to output the navigation. For example, under google maps settings ---> Navigation settings, there is an option to play voice over Bluetooth. If it's not enabled, it will play through your speaker even if it's connected to a BT device. Hope that helps!
  2. Is that the guy who wasn't wearing any gear and has about a month of experience? Could it just been him asking for more acceleration that it had at the top?
  3. From my understand, yes, the left and right calibration matters as well.
  4. Congrats on your new wheel! The lock feature is designed for when the EUC is being shipped or transported. That way, if someone the power button does get pressed while in it's box, it doesn't go crazy with the wheel spinning up. I agree they could be more clear on how to unlock it (maybe a big Read me First paper in the box) but I do think there is a good reason to have it locked like that.
  5. I had the same problem when trying to update my 16x awhile back. I'm using a S10+ with Android 9 at the time. In any case, I could not get it to see the update like you. I tried both the app store app, as well as downloading the KS app directly from Kingsong. Nothing worked. I eventually had to use an old Android tablet and that updated it immediately. Not sure what it was with my phone and the KS app. I also received a Samsung version of the app from @buell47. I think they might have solved the connectivity issue, but I don't recall. I think before the new version, I couldn't update the firmware, nor could I get it to turn off to do a calibration. I think with this new version, I was able to do the calibration (I don't know about updating the firmware since I already have the latest one.)
  6. I had the same exact problem. I ended up returning them since I could never get them to say. The only thing I can say that might help is to make sure the middle strap is tight above your calf and below your inside knee. Since your leg should get wider the lower it goes, that's one of the main areas to help hold i up. Since I could never get it to work for me, I ended up getting some 187 Killer Pro Derby Pads. They don't cover my shins, but they do over huge amounts of knee protection. They also use velcro to secure them on so no need to pull over your leg.
  7. For me, I think it's just a matter of remembering to step up a bit more. With my MCM3, I don't really have to lift my foot far up to the pedal before I go. For my 16x, I definitely have to step higher to get on the pedal. But beyond that, it seems the same to me.
  8. I have the ProFrame and I love it. However, I've been tempted by the TLD Stage. I believe the older colorways of the Stage are on sale right now direct from TLD. https://troyleedesigns.com/collections/stage-helmets
  9. I calibrated my 16x once, right after I updated to 1.0.7. Never touched it since.
  10. Oh, that's interesting. Do you have any pics? Curious to see how much thicker they are.
  11. I really hate using the app. I'll use EUC World or Wheelog if I can. If I do use the KS app, as soon as I finish, I'll go to my apps, and Force Stop it. I find that it stops the notices.
  12. There is a calculator on the Slime website. If you enter your tire size, it tells you the amount to add. https://www.slime.com/us/slime-calculator.php
  13. Although I think it's a bit low, the 16x has tail lights on the back left and right side. It's a vertical strip of red leds that blink when braking or when "turning."
  14. The slot underneath is not hard to figure out. For the left/right, just use one finger to figure out where the missing center chunk is and just line it up against that. For the uo/down, it's near the bottom. You can't go too high, otherwise you'll end up on the ridge. The tape itself is small enough that you really can't miss where it will go.
  15. Wasn't ewheels talking about making a $600 MTen version that was either less V or smaller battery? Wouldn't that fit what you're looking for?
  16. Yah, I'm glad I did just for the extra peace of mind. Took about an hr to do all 4 pieces. Have some cleaner on hand because the needle picks up the adhesive making it harder to push the needle through after awhile.
  17. Just received my "fix-it kit" from roll.nz today. The kit comes with 2 options. One is Velcro stickies that you attach to the inside of the Kevlar pocket and to the inside of the 16x. In addition, there is an optional "hook" that you can sew into the Kevlar pocket to make it even more secure. The 2nd option is 2 new pockets made out of a different material that is definitely a lot more grabbie. This option would require you to unsew the original Kevlar pieces and replace it with these new ones. In my particular case, I opted to use the Velcro pieces. However, I sewed the Velcro pieces that were stuck to the Kevlar pocket. After affixing them and letting the adhesive set for 15 mins, I went ahead and sewed them in to make it even more secure. The instructions are very detailed on where to place the Velcro pieces in the pocket, as well as the 16x. I went for a quick spin and the pocket is now firmly attached. I've pulled on it to try and force it to slide off, but it stays firmly in place. In addition, I can go back to using my EUC Army stand. Previously, the stand width being so precise, anytime I placed the 16x on the stand, it would pull the pocket up and off the bottom of the 16x. I even tried putting washers on the stand to widen it, but it would still catch the bodyguard. Now, even with the stand back to normal, the velcro holds the pockets firmly in place. I can place the 16x on the stand and not think about the pocket coming off. Super happy on how it turned out. As Marty mentioned before, I think the Kevlar is tougher and will hold up longer, which is why I chose to leave it on. In addition, it's a lot easier for me to sew on some Velcro strips, versus removing the old pocket to sew up the new one. With the Velcro fix, the pockets are now firmly attached and I don't have to worry about them popping off, even when I use my stand now. At some point, I may looking at adding the hooks, but the velcro works great for me.
  18. Got the Sk8-Hi ComfyCush as well, and it made a huge difference for me. My right foot doesn't get pain or cramp up like before. I'm going to keep testing it, but I think I may have found my new go-to shoe.
  19. Update from an email that I received from eWheels. Basically it looks like the charger was exposed to rain and water causing it to fail. Good afternoon, I have just received the lab results back for the defective charger investigation: the conclusion that the Engineers reached, was that because the charger used on a boat & exposed to rain/wash, component corrosion deterioration built up, resulting in this over-charge situation (full lab results attached). The charger's circuit-board is elevated to offer some primary protection against water, but is not designed to be left in an outdoor environment. Conclusion: It ought to be safe to continue using the charger. Prior to use, please always check the display that the voltage is showing ~84v, after pressing the reset button, but before plugging into the Wheel. If the voltage is elevated beyond 84.5v, NOT USE the charger & let use know immediately; keep the charger in a dry environment. Thank you & have a good day, Jason
  20. It's probably your phone/app. I would try using a different phone or tablet. I had the same problem with my S10+. When I hit the calibrate button, the wheel doesn't turn off. Switched to an old Sony tablet and when I hit calibrate, the wheel turns off. When I turn the wheel back on, it starts the calibration process.
  21. If you check out the pics, he's got pictures of a new extra shell. I believe this is in addition to the padded cover (also shown in the pics.)
  22. Glad they worked out! I looked on the website, and it seems like they replaced UltraCush with ComfyCush. So I'm going to have to go to the store and check out a pair. I tend to get a lot of pain and numbness on my right foot, and never on my left. I think it comes from putting too much pressure on the inside of the foot. Still playing with shoes and foot positioning to alleviate the pain.
  23. This is my concern as well. That's why I've been eyeballing the Rylo as an alternative choice.
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