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  1. dwallersv

    Mobile Phone holder ES2

    Have a Note 9, tough time finding a case and and mount that wasn't either universal (which is usually a compromise on many fronts), or some Gerry-rig thing on ebay. Then, I found this a few days ago, and I'll never use another mounting system: https://www.armor-x.com/
  2. dwallersv

    SF / Monterey area Dualtron ride

    Thinking about going on the BAESK8 ride this weekend on Saturday. Only thing holding me back a little right now is it's damn COLD! Still, probably 80/20 I'll be there. Also excited about the Friday night and Saturday rides next month with the NYC gang. I'll be there for those for sure!
  3. dwallersv

    DYU escooter (Singapore Scene)

    To be clear, illegal to ride over 15mph, outside of bike lanes, and on roads with speed limits over 25mph. The scooter itself is not illegal -- there are no weight restrictions. So almost all the riding I do is illegal. However, this is really mostly academic -- e-scooters have not been addressed in any serious way yet here in the US, so there is a mishmash of local and state laws (nothing federal/national), that combine and conflict to be impossible to either follow or enforce. Combined with the rarity of a scooter like the Dualtron, and there effectively aren't any rules that are being enforced. I share the road with city and county police regularly, buzzing along down Soquel Ave speeding with the rest of the traffic going 40mph (speed limit it 35 on that road). The cops are usually passing me, speeding themselves. Given our relative e-scooter (standup scooters) noobness over here, I suspect the cops consider my dualtron, with a seat, an ultralight moped thingy (like a Vespa or something), and therefore totally legit. Just a guess tho.
  4. dwallersv

    SF / Monterey area Dualtron ride

    @who_the I didn't make that ride, but I'd like to get hooked up with the BAEUC group and go on a future ride. Do you guys have an FB page or something?
  5. dwallersv

    DYU escooter (Singapore Scene)

    I'm really really hurting for you guys in SG. The LTA rules are draconian -- they should have different rules for pathways and roads. You should be able to ride your DTs on the roads without restriction, other than prohibiting freeways and such. The changes in rules in SG got me to look deep into what the law is here in CA USA. Turns out my Dualtron Thunder is totally illegal too. It exceeds max weight, exceeds permitted speed, and isn't allowed on the roadway as a standing scooter. I have a seat, which may be confusing cops, but I think that's realistically about zero chance. Rather, scooters like the Dualtron are so rare, this leads to two things: Cops aren't up on the specifics of scooter regulations, so they don't know I'm breaking the law; second, the rarity means I'm the only person seen on a contraption like this, riding around SEATED going 40mph with traffic on the road, so everyone simply assumes it's a totally legal, lightweight, electric scooter -- the cops too. Even with the 15mph speed-limiter wire connected, it's still illegal on several counts. However, since no one's getting hit or annoyed by them, just courteous me riding around, it's effectively 100% legal. No one else cares, or really has any reason to.
  6. dwallersv

    Dualtron 3 III battery quality

    Dude, I almost sh*t my pants going over 50 on my Thunder. Had to try it once, but it's really quite dangerous, IMO A simple, but accurate way to look at this: Motors are electromagnets. The strength of the magnetic force of the magnetic field driving the motor is (first order) proportional to the current running through it. Want to go faster? Steeper hills? Fatter butt? You need more force, therefore current, to drive (push) those higher loads. The hardware (controller and motor) have to be designed for those larger currents too. There are a variety of considerations, but one of the biggest is wire gauge -- a motor designed for 40A max will have windings and other wiring, including the feed wires, that are too thin to carry high currents without significant resistive losses.
  7. dwallersv

    Dualtron Spider

    Same way as the other dualtrons? The grey wire for each motor?
  8. dwallersv

    Dualtron Thunder

    hear you about the main battery, although I'd guess you'd probably never be running the lights during the day anyway, and range usually isn't a factor at night. Something to consider...
  9. dwallersv

    Dualtron Thunder

    Beautiful, @Alien Rides!! That can easily be set up with a switch on the handlebars, cabling hidden in the handle shaft, then run the power off the 12V DC/DC converter that runs all the lights already. As I mentioned in a different thread, I'm working on several mods involving the lighting and 12V electrical system. The main one I'm working on right now is adding a switch to the handlebars to use the yellow hazard LEDs as turn signals. I'm just waiting for this switch to arrive, and I'll have it done. I'm doing a DIY video, so you can reference that to hook your deck up in a more integrated way.
  10. dwallersv

    Minimotors Dualtron X promotion video

    I love this... Dualtron II tire next to Dualtron X tire:
  11. dwallersv

    Dualtron 3 III battery quality

    Sounds right. They advertised somewhere on some site (I can't remember where, after who know's how many sites I've visited researching this beast) that they were using Samsung cells, and not the LG cells that are in the II and Ultra, but I'm not 100% certain.
  12. dwallersv

    Dualtron penetration in US market

    Good point Ben. I've followed Jamie Lim's saga a bit on Youtube since I found the Dualtron line, and it's horrible what's happened in Singapore. Basically, there's no market there any more for a Dualtron-class machine with the new restrictions in place.
  13. dwallersv

    WEPED (serious machine)...

    Yeah, both you and Esper had some pretty bad experience with the II. I wish that hadn't gone that way, as it's always troubling to hear such things, and more fun to have other enthused brothers I've had a near perfect experience so far with the Thunder. I've got almost 400 miles, and it's been rock solid with just 3 problems, none of them anything serious (one flat, loose banjo bolt leaking a little hydraulic fluid, electrical problem with the bling lighting after the handle smacked the pavement pretty hard). So, if you get a longing for another Dualtron, I'd highly recommend skipping the wimpy versions and just go for The Beast.
  14. dwallersv

    Dualtron 3 III battery quality

    The III an Thunder have a 16S (67.2V full charge) pack made of Samsung INR18650-30Q cells. These are some of the best available. I'd highly recommend getting a Charge Doctor to manage charging, cutoff at about 80% charge (64.8V under charge). This reduces usable range on each charge by about 28% (assuming "empty" is 30%, then recharged), but you just about double the charge cycle life of the batteries. Drop the charge limit to 70% peak, and you can get close to 3x the charge cycles. Unless you need the full power of a 100%, 67.2V charge and/or the maximum range in a single riding session, there's no reason to stress the batteries with a full charge. Especially if you have a Dualtron, there's so much power headroom that you can easily routinely follow a good battery maintenance strategy. I probably run single motor 70% of my riding... I switch on the front motor only when needed to accelerate quicker, get up a steep hill, maintain a fast speed (35-40) when the road inclines.
  15. dwallersv

    WEPED (serious machine)...

    @yourtoys7, no dissing on you, just Weped. Appearance is highly subjective, so the fact I think its ugly means nothing. I've had comments about how huge and ugly the Thunder is from Lime riders. Aesthetics have a lot to do with what you're used to, and therefore comfortable with. Still, with the exception of the width of those tires, the Thunder's a better performer, on paper at least. Hey, whatever happened with your Dualtron II?