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  1. dwallersv

    Dualtron penetration in US market

    @Esper I read your entire thread... what a trial! I'm glad I came across it after I had made the purchase and ridden 100 miles or so, I might not have bought it. Sounds like your situation was more the exception than the rule. What an awful experience! Note I've had a flat of my own, and failed to completely fix it properly because I lacked the correct tools to mount/dismount the tire (Thunder has a one-piece rim that can be removed from the motor, tubeless tires). I was going to try again with some bead-sealer, but could get a new wheel (rim+tire) overnight for $85 so I just bit the bullet to get back up and running.
  2. dwallersv

    Dualtron penetration in US market

    Yup, 55mph, one and one time only. Lucky my underwear made through clean :-) Had to see what it could do. That was on a flat straightaway. I'm a 25 year old trapped in a 56 year old body. Since I got the thunder I've gained the following experience in 3 weeks: Scared the piss out of myself going 55mph, seeing what it could do. Out-accelerate cars from stop lights. One guy in a Pinto yesterday wanted to race me. I'm not kidding. I beat him. Get around on it all over the place, traveling with traffic, 35-40. Bounced off the pavement on the left side of my ribcage turning too tight in a parking lot going about 4mph. Cracked rib. Stupid and still riding. Had the back wheel off 3 times now. I'm an expert. One flat, repaired, using screwdrivers instead of properly sized tire irons/spoons. messed of the bead, tubeless tire won't seal good now, leaks flat over 2-3 days. Replaced the entire wheel. Good again. Spill in the parking lot hit the handlebar hard, shook loose a solder joint on the steering tube bling. Took it apart, was testing under power, fried the light bling controller board. Got a replacement and installed it from minimotorsusa.com. Deck wide enough to stand feet side-by-side with a little room to spare. BUILT LIKE A TANK. I don't think I could handle anything "less" now... I'm spoiled. Have a Qiewa Q1 Hummer, which I thought was a beefy scooter before I got the Dualtron. The Qiewa now seems like it was assembled from flimsy junkyard scrap by comparison, and now just doesn't feel safe after riding 200 miles or so on the Dualtron. And, of course, the Qiewa, which at 800W single motor and actual riding experience, seems pretty powerful. Feels like a Razor E100 to me now. I'll shoot some 360 with the Rylo this weekend and post it. BTW, this is what I use to haul my crap around while riding, love it! Mountainsmith Tour Lumbar Pack Truth be told, that's actually my "man bag", as I just have too much crap to carry around these days, and use this all the time, not just for riding.
  3. dwallersv

    antitheft GPS tracker

    After reading the thread about the stolen Dualtron IIEX in FL (my sincere sympathy to the owner, BTW), I did some googling for a tracking solution. There are gazillions. I bought one of these because they're very tiny, and connect the cellular network: Mini Gps Tracker TKSTAR Anti-theft Real Time Tracking on Free App Anti-lost Gps Locator Tracking Device for Purse Bag Wallet Bags Kids Satchels Important Documents Luggage Compatible Android IOS TK901 Also a 30-day Speedtalk SIM card to try it out. I'll post a quick start review when I get it, and then a full review after I've given it a week or so of testing. This should be easy to hide on my expensive PEV. For the price, if it works well, it's a win. If not, there are other already known good solutions that would require a bit more work to conceal (like in the deck, bring the antenna out).
  4. dwallersv

    SF / Monterey area Dualtron ride

    Interest in a ride / lunch for some fall colors, with a target of the Dualtron folks? Not excluding others, just a speed class thing. Please forgive me if I'm violating any rules of decorum, I'm new at this. I've had my Thunder for less than a month. Just thinking it's hard for 15mph max scooters to keep up with a ride going 20-30. Anyway, if there's interest, let's set a date soon and get it going. Thinking we ride somewhere with food, stop and eat, hang out, ride back. So, suggest dates, locales!
  5. dwallersv

    Dualtron penetration in US market

    I just got a Thunder about 3 weeks ago, and an Ultra will be showing up at the door direct from Minimotors SK in the next week (a story of jonesing, ask and I might tell it :-)) Kinda putting the cart before the horse, I'm just now getting a fuller picture of the bigger social/cultural aspects of the product/brand, and it seems to me there aren't many of them here in the US. the II variations, especially the EX, seem to be more numerous, but still pretty rare. Is this correct? Is Dualtron very new to the market? It's been hard finding lots of good information, and aftermarket parts/mods/info in the US. Most of what I've been able to find has been from SK and Singapore. Anyway, just curious about this, and any comments or knowledge about Minimotors Dualtron line and its share of the US market. Aside, the reason I ended up with a Thunder (and soon an Ultra too) was because I had to have the most powerful scooter made when I decided to get one. I've been too disappointed by underpowered things too many times in my 56 years. That's the way I roll :-) The Thunder is a beast! Been 55mph on it. That will be the one and only time
  6. dwallersv

    Dualtron Thunder

    I'm down with that! I'm a total noob to the board... how do I get hooked in / find out if it's happening?
  7. dwallersv

    Dualtron Thunder

    Picked one up a few weeks ago at LastMileSF in San Francisco. It is a complete beast, I am thrilled at every dollar spent. Picked up the fingerprint security too. I weigh 220. Been 55mph on a flat straight. Can easily keep up with traffic on local roads up to 45mph with hills, etc., so using as real transportation is very doable. So not a complete review in any way, too lazy. But I'll answer questions :D