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  1. EUC World says that I'm up to date on my 16x using 1.0.7. Otherwise, I'd like to see the notes and maybe test it.
  2. Do you know the version? I checked EUC World and it says my 16x is up to date (1.0.7)
  3. Does it have a warranty? Generally, I stick with eWheels because of the after support. Any problems I've had with my wheel or scooter, Jason/eWheels has always taken care of in an expedited manner.
  4. I have about 1000miles on mine and have the exact same experience.
  5. I think the idea though is to avoid those situations. I understand that you want to catch them in the act, but if it puts you at risk and potentially in a life threatening, is it really worth it to let them act out?
  6. Can you give us more information? What's the condition of the unit? Mileage? And when was it purchased from ewheels since the warranty should carry over. Are you willing to ship or local pickup? Any pics?
  7. I've tried using Vans, and other shoes recommended here. For whatever reason, I can't seem to get comfortable with any of them. My feet tend to get numb after a short distance. But for whatever reason, I have a pair of Ultra Boost that I always seem to go back to. I find them super comfy and can go a pretty good distance without feeling any pain or numbness.
  8. No doubt. I think at this point though, it doesn't make sense for me to have 2 of basically the same wheel. One is faster, and the other one, imo, has better features. For me, build quality is high on my list, so just adding more speed isn't enough to justify another wheel. And I'm not willing to give up the features on the 16x. I'm good with waiting for now, and seeing what comes out this year and in 2021. Maybe someone can check all the boxes on my list and I'll pick it up then.
  9. Sorry, I should have clarified. Fit and finish to me includes build quality. Quality parts, reliability, how it's built.
  10. Marty, I know they won't. My comment was made in jest. But I can always dream. Getting a Nikola+ was something I recently considered. I've been commuting to work on a "back" trail. Single lane paved for bikes and pedestrians only. It's away from cars and it's along the river. It's quite nice and relaxing. As I've been getting more comfortable with my 16x, I've been hitting the 28mph 3x beep that I placed. And I feel like I'm always hitting those beeps now, but still feeling comfortable to go faster. It's probably because my main commuter was my Dualtron Spider. Now it just sits around for my friend or son to use when I want to go on a fun ride. I was thinking about a Nikola Plus only because of the speed aspect, but at the end of the day, I've always been concerned about the build quality of the Gotway. Other things like non-flashable firmware and the fact that there is a consistent "build" so that if something does go wrong, it can be difficult to get correct parts etc. The random stuff I read hear always makes it sound like the Gotway Build quality just isn't as good as others. This chart above only adds to it. Personally, I think the only reason we hear more complaints about the KS having problems is that the KS outsells Gotway (As indicated here and I think ewheels touched on it before.) More wheels of a specific brand = more voices to complain, but that doesn't necessarily mean higher defective rate. As for build quality, I think it's a combination of everything. Features, ride, and build quality are all factors I consider. Price doesn't matter to me if I can get all 3 things. For example, I wouldn't consider buying a Telsa car given the terrible build quality. Poor paint quality and panel gaps are some of the things which put them off my list of potential cars to drive. So I'll just keep waiting for now. Gotway might be the only game in town now, but maybe someone will come along as well. Or maybe Gotway can improve (at least in my eyes) their build quality. At that point, I'll pick whatever wheel that might be.
  11. Awesome info! Thanks for that! Guess I'm going to hold off on that Nikola+. From what I've seen the fit and finish of the Nikola doesn't seem as nice as the KS to me. Now to sacrifice a wheel to the EUC gods for KS to release a +30mph wheel.
  12. This is awesome! I've been thinking about adding a Nikola Plus to the stable and this was one of the biggest things missing for me. The nature of the clear plastic and how easy it seems to be able to scratch has always worried me. I had considered maybe doing an xpel type skin to the body, but I think this is a better solution. As for my thoughts, I like the lights, but I can see how adding so many holes can make it weaker. It seems the concern is the thin amount of skin between holes would compromise how well it would hold up if the material got pulled. For me, I would say maybe every other hole? You'll lose some lights but I think the material between holes would be a lot thicker and more stable. Maybe every 1/3? I'm not sure how close the LED are to one another, so I can't say for sure. Trolley handle for me would be a must. Zipper works. I'd love YKK but I don't know what the difference in cost would be to us in the end, vs another one. Color: I like the 2nd design as it gives it a little more than just a mass black circle, but I could go either way. My current 16x one is just a mass black blog, but I like the shape of the 16x better. Glad to see it's coming. Now you're making me think about a Nikola Plus
  13. With all due respect, if you just lost interest in contributing, then not saying anything and just leaving would have been a non-melodramatic way to leave versus making a point to announce you were leaving. And where is this pattern of melodramatic departures you're seeing, if your departure is not melodramatic? I'm still new here, and I'm always learning new things. Thanks to everyone here willing to spend the time to teach, as well as learn. Hopefully, I'll still be around for 5 years and beyond.
  14. What phone and app are you using? Are you connecting to KingsongSongMusic via Bluetooth? If so, some apps let you choose where you want to output the navigation. For example, under google maps settings ---> Navigation settings, there is an option to play voice over Bluetooth. If it's not enabled, it will play through your speaker even if it's connected to a BT device. Hope that helps!
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