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  1. Hmm, I wonder when. I just got the current 16x version and it's spot on without the bodyguard. When I have the bodyguard on, it catches. I tried adding washers to both sides but it still isn't enough.
  2. They are from roll.nz. I believe they only make them for KS wheels at this time.
  3. Does your stand cause the bodyguard to lift off the bottom where the Kelvar piece is supposed to go over the bottom of the case?
  4. I feel like if Power Wheels made an EUC, that would be it right there
  5. Awesome! I can use my watch for more than reminding me to get up and walk. How does one use the current version of WheelLog with a Gear S3. Is there a separate WheelLog app that I can download from the Gear store?
  6. I believe current and newer Samsung smartwatches now use their own OS, called Tizen. Samsung does not use Wear OS. I think some of their older ones ran Android Wear, but I honestly don't remember.
  7. Just received mine today and everything fits well, although sliding the bottom pieces over the lip is a little finicky. I also noticed that with the EUCarmy stand, it's too tight a fit. When I place it on the stand, the bottom lip pieces will come off. This is most likely due to how little tolerance in the width of the stand. I'm thinking that I'll add a couple washers to the stand to make it slightly wider. This will hopefully stop the bottom skin portion from catching and causing the lip to undo itself. Beyond that, took it for a quick spin. Everything works well. I would say it does provide more grip over the 16x surface. I previously has some baby bumpers on the top, so it's a little harder for me to compare. All in all, a great product and it allows me to feel more confident about my wheel not getting scratched up!
  8. I believe there are some vendors that are offering a 2.5A charger with the 16x, vs the 1.5A https://tec-toyz.com/products/kingsong-ks16x-1554wh-ver-2-electric-unicycle-preorder
  9. So I'm confused now. Is this ALL chargers supplying more than 5A, or is this an isolated case of 1 charger? Because it seems like the specific ewheels charger in the email had some weird issues going on with it. Versus the title leads me to believe charging over 5A may burn your 16x to the ground.
  10. Was the wheel purchased from ewheels?
  11. @Unventor I just received mine today, so I'll give it a test later tonight. I did check with roll.nz and it sounds like you should be able to do screen printing or iron on transfers to parts of the bodyguard. So maybe you can just put a transfer onto the part where the power is. However, it may wear out after some time. I'm not sure how long it would last in the long run.
  12. Exactly, the way some people post on this forum, if you bought a 16x, you're getting a pedal-tilting, firmware bugged, 20mph wheel that will explode when you fast charge it.
  13. Really? Why did you omit the fact that it was probably a defective charger. Per the 1st paragraph in the email We have just received an alarming report of a 16X catching on fire after being used with a defective charger. Sometimes I really wonder about this forum...
  14. As @Mark Lee asked above. Is this something you produce? I'd be really interested in a set.
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