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  1. Looks like the V11. The charger is on top of the foot pedal, is my guess, because of the orange accent on the side.
  2. I believe the hi-low switching is based on speed. Just want to check to makes sure you were going fast enough.
  3. Had a Bell Super 3R and switched to a Fox ProFrame. The ProFrame is lighter, probably because it doesn't need to add the removable chin mechanism.
  4. And sounds like there was a 2nd one, different from the one @houseofjob posted. https://www.facebook.com/groups/GotWay/permalink/3158510217540612/
  5. Went back to 1.0.7 the other day. I felt like i was working harder on 2.0.2 in Hard or Med mode. My feet got tired a lot quicker then 1.0.7 on hard. I'm on v1.4 board. Had a weird issue though. After flashing back to 1.0.7 I can't see to get it to calibrate. I am using EUC world. I click start to start it, and the unit turns off. I put it on the stand and turn it back on. However, at this point, it turns on and does some beeping and never turns off. It just remains on. From previous experience, I thought the 16x would turn back off again once calibration was complete. Am I miss
  6. Just got done pulling mine apart to make it more dust proof. Thanks to @buell47 & @davinche for the awesome pictures and videos. Mine was a V2 version, which I'm guessing had the v1.4 board (I didn't bother checking because I was over it by then :D) Mine did not have any sealant over the power switch, so I made sure to seal that up. I had no issues with my headlight, so I only sealed one of the 2 holes because I was worried about heat and wanted to allow it to vent. The rest of the case wasn't that bad. Some light dust here and there. I did add the foam into the 4 areas as a precautio
  7. EUC World says that I'm up to date on my 16x using 1.0.7. Otherwise, I'd like to see the notes and maybe test it.
  8. Do you know the version? I checked EUC World and it says my 16x is up to date (1.0.7)
  9. Does it have a warranty? Generally, I stick with eWheels because of the after support. Any problems I've had with my wheel or scooter, Jason/eWheels has always taken care of in an expedited manner.
  10. I have about 1000miles on mine and have the exact same experience.
  11. I think the idea though is to avoid those situations. I understand that you want to catch them in the act, but if it puts you at risk and potentially in a life threatening, is it really worth it to let them act out?
  12. Can you give us more information? What's the condition of the unit? Mileage? And when was it purchased from ewheels since the warranty should carry over. Are you willing to ship or local pickup? Any pics?
  13. I've tried using Vans, and other shoes recommended here. For whatever reason, I can't seem to get comfortable with any of them. My feet tend to get numb after a short distance. But for whatever reason, I have a pair of Ultra Boost that I always seem to go back to. I find them super comfy and can go a pretty good distance without feeling any pain or numbness.
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