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Lift sensor not working at all


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Yeah, I know, I know... I have a lot of troubles with my wheel... But here is, :(, another one...

Today I wanted to turn on and try lift sensor for the first time... 

I turned it on in the app, it worked like 5 times and than nothing... I let it be for a couple of hours I was not at home, than came back, and still nothing... One succes, nothing...

It works only 1 from 15 or 20 tries... Idk what is wrong... Is there anyone having the same problem? Or is there any way to solve it? I thing it is hardware problem...so :/

Ty and have a great day!

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2 hours ago, nte said:

Rumor is that KS is releasing another firmware update soon to allow manual calibration since automatic calibration doesn’t work for everyone. 

Should we open a survey on how many firmware updates we will be getting on KS18L? Can they beat the 16B with 20+ updates? ?

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On ‎8‎/‎9‎/‎2018 at 8:44 AM, nte said:

Wow 20+ on the 16B? 

I try to remain optimistic, Its good to know that KS is working hard to correct the problems. As long as they don't sneak in any stealth nerfs to the performance I'm mostly happy. Fidgeting with the trolley handle to get it into the correct position and verifying that its actually locked in place is getting old though.

It's better than the alternative though... If you had a wheel with no facility to upgrade the firmware, you would be stuck with the status it was when you got it...

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