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  1. Hi, I saw there was a Ks16s 420wh version, and I was wondering whether the side pads were thinner as the battery packs are twice smaller? Side pads are my biggest gripe against Ks16s it feels like a brick on my ankles. Thanks
  2. My wheel was the first batch without Led radiator. So the light burned (white, red still working), this was a known flow of first batch. I did not pay for the change, as my wheel was under warranty.
  3. Hi, I just received a replacement front light with the new dissipator. Anyone would have a video for replacing it, with minimal steps? @US69 maybe? Thanks in advance
  4. You do realize US prices do not include VAT, and you would need to be paying it on top of the price, plus custom and transportation, right? So all in all, it would come pretty close to the EU prices, if not higher.
  5. I cannot thank you enough for the initiative. I would have bought them with you if there was an easier option for Belgium. I hope they will be a big success so you get more leverage with Kingsong going forward (and more importantly payback). My feet are 11 inches, I never felt so much control and comfort on a wheel.
  6. Just received my pedals, and tested them for a few miles, it rocks!
  7. Pedal is singular in the description, is it for one pedal or 2?
  8. That could be an option for me, as I travel frequently there. Do you know if the shipping rate (40$) includes customs taxes?
  9. Hi all, I live in Belgium and purchased my wheel from Kingsong Europe. When asking this distributor about availability, he essentially told me that if it ever gets available, it will be on their online store... I checked eWheels shipping options to Europe, and Belgium or France is not an option there (plus I am not sure if customs taxes are included in shipping or not). Any other plan to purchase these fantastic pedals from Europe?
  10. @tinawong, I am looking to purchase the new long pedals in Europe for my KS18L. I purchased my wheel from Kingsong Europe, but cannot see availability for those pedals. Is there any way to purchase those from Europe?
  11. @US69, any idea where to get these larger pedals from in Europe? I checked my reseller (Kingsong Europe), and they don’t have them ?.
  12. Watch out: you do realize your tire pressure is way too low to be safe, don't you? Check out the excellent guide from Jason here. I ride both wheels (KS18L and V10F) at 2.8 bars minimum, and I am the same weight as you.
  13. Try a Dremel as an alternative. I have been carving and reshaping plastic pieces easily with it.
  14. Are they going to be matt black as on your picture, or is it just the prototype?
  15. @US69, if the lockup is not trolley related but due to hardware problem, could it happen with a rider on the wheel, even though it has not occurred yet? If some hardware fails with low temperature / aircon as reported, isn’t there a risk with winter coming that these types of incident get on the rise?
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