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  1. em1barns

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Is it me or v5 and v8 batteries were enclosed into an internal plastic box, when v10 is just sitting in the shell as is?
  2. @US69, could you provide the url of the KS channel you mention? Thanks.
  3. em1barns

    A couple more weird things with the 18L...

    That left many people wonder on the French forum as well. Wheel power or torque is not the issue, the issue is the ability for the user to provide the counter torque required to go up. As the pedals are relatively small compared to wheel size, the lever effect is minimal. So the theory is, the guy on the video is holding tightly the wheel between his knees to apply torque also on the upper part of the wheel. Other riders also grasp the handle to do the same.
  4. em1barns

    Ks18L Illegal equipment

    Any chance Kingsong can explain why this problem appears sometimes? It seems to happen randomly on updates, and I have never heard of this with any other manufacturer.
  5. em1barns

    Lift sensor not working at all

    Should we open a survey on how many firmware updates we will be getting on KS18L? Can they beat the 16B with 20+ updates? 😂
  6. em1barns

    Practicing with the V10F - what not to do

    You can disable the handle motor trigger button in the app.... ;)
  7. I have already stated in previous posts all the things I liked about KS18L, and there are many. It could be really an excellent wheel, with better weatherproofing (I am not talking about splash proof, but ability to ride under heavy rain) from outer shell, an a better rugged trolley. And I am not the only one thinking so, same feedback on french forum and from other known / respected wheelers on this forum... Note that for weatherproofing, I am preparing a custom neoprene cover (well, my wife is, bless her), so it should take care of this issue. @US69, I am not looking for a fight, so let's say our opinions diverge on this specific topic, and keep it there.
  8. So what you are tyring to say is that I should be happy about KS flaws because other manufacturers also have flaws, and sometimes maybe worst ones? Is there any other wheel out there that one may need to quickly open and disconnect batteries for fear it may catch on fire?
  9. @US69, as a general feedback after 500km on ks18L (my first kingsong wheel, having owned ninebot, Inmotion and gotway before). I am amazed Kingsong spends so much time and effort (and in essence money) correcting decorative side lights and trolley sensor issues, instead of improving essential features: having a rock-solid trolley and weatherproof wheel (ip54 at least). To me they lost the sense of priorities doing so. Better have a rock-solid trolley without lift sensor than current unstable trolley with a lift sensor that will never work reliably (seeing the technical solution chosen, it will never work 100%). Taking the wheel on pavement only on first level, trolley bounces in all directions and feels like it’s going to crack. It feels very fragile. All these small unmastered features also raise the concern that at some stage the real-time microprocessor will bug while riding due to some fancy features (such as USB key music) not properly written. So it would not require much to make it an excellent wheel, but ks priorities do puzzle me.
  10. em1barns

    King Song Social Media Representative

    Yep, I am 6´4’´ (1m90), and the first level is more than enough for me. The second level is overkilled and has too much play.
  11. em1barns

    KS18L Max Charge Rate

    20s4p, 3500mah cells.
  12. em1barns

    In the news...

    Theft is one of the reasons I bought an EUC. My first folding bike was stolen within 2 weeks in Brussels. I take my EUC literally everywhere with me: shops, theater, bars, under my desk at work, etc... obviously a decent trolley is key, another reason I lean more towards KS and IM.
  13. em1barns

    Z6 or V8?

    With Z6 being about half the price of Z10, and looking like reasonable in terms of performance for those not doing extensive range, I have been contemplating getting this wheel for my wife. She currently has a v8, but complains about comfort over bumpy Brussels roads. Any opinion or feedback about Z6 yet?
  14. em1barns

    In the news...

    For the story, while riding our EUC at night in the woods last weekend, a friend and I came accross a new EUC female rider. She explained to us she had purchased an electric scooter for daily commuting to her job, but negotiated an exchange with a V8 two weeks later as she thought electric scooters were too boring. The only cool usage I saw from an electric scooter was a father taking her young daughter (with protections, and low 10mph) to school. I did not take my children to school with their EUC before they were 8, and skillful at riding, emergency breaking, one footing, and already alert on roads when biking with traffic and intersections.
  15. Thanks for sharing, curious to understand what "sensor" they are talking about, if this can be shared openly at this stage.