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  1. em1barns

    KS18L, my new ride and how is it holding up next to my V10f

    Watch out: you do realize your tire pressure is way too low to be safe, don't you? Check out the excellent guide from Jason here. I ride both wheels (KS18L and V10F) at 2.8 bars minimum, and I am the same weight as you.
  2. em1barns

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    Try a Dremel as an alternative. I have been carving and reshaping plastic pieces easily with it.
  3. em1barns

    Survey: What Size New King Song Pedal Do You Want?

    Are they going to be matt black as on your picture, or is it just the prototype?
  4. @US69, if the lockup is not trolley related but due to hardware problem, could it happen with a rider on the wheel, even though it has not occurred yet? If some hardware fails with low temperature / aircon as reported, isn’t there a risk with winter coming that these types of incident get on the rise?
  5. @Alex_from_NZ , are you serious about downvoting me for my answer? I don't see why not having the same experience with EUC riders around me makes my feedback counter-productive to this thread or any more biased than other feedback... Believe it or not, people are more attracted to EUC or electric scooter than Ninebot mini. The only place where it sells in Belgium (I have been talking to resellers) is on the coast for bike renters as it works well with tourists and is easy to pick up.
  6. This forum is called « electric unicycle », what does this guy expect ?? That being said, I know many EUC riders that own a Ninebot mini / pro. And after a few weeks, it’s taking the dust in their garage....
  7. em1barns

    KS18L - white lamp failure

    I am actually experiencing the same issue. I thought the light was weak lately, but had no chance to test it at night to compare to my previous impressions. @US69, is this an acknowledged problem by KS?
  8. Any idea from which construction date these new lights were implemented?
  9. em1barns

    Tyre touching the shell

    On my side, I have the same tyre as your friend, and experience the same issue, so KS did not allow for enough clearance tolerance in their build. I suspect centering properly the tyre is down to the axle or tightening of the pedals to the axle, so not trivial if possible at all to fix.
  10. em1barns

    Tyre touching the shell

    @Edouard Ghedighian, when you say your tyre is not the same as your friends’, do you mean the brand/model is different? Same issue happened on v8, and they ended up changing the tyre as the original one did not allow for enough tolerance in build...
  11. em1barns

    Tyre touching the shell

    I experience the same 2 issues as you, and my wheel is not even first batch (20180707). The tyre scrapping on one side when starting or doing one foot is a frustration to me at this price tag. Still hesitant to send it back as I am pretty sure they can’t do anything about it except removing some plastic from the shell...
  12. Firmware changelog: « repair BUG » @US69, any other hint you could possibly provide :).
  13. 2 boards in a row, it stinks... and no longer sounds like a random issue.
  14. em1barns

    KS18L - max. charging current

    @Seba, wait for ks18XL. It is likely they will propose a 1600wh version before year end.
  15. em1barns

    Survey: What Size New King Song Pedal Do You Want?

    I am not so focused on the aluminum surface, just thought it felt nice on other wheels. What you don’t consider as a flaw may be to some people. Consider this survey and results so far, you were in the 6% people thinking pedals were long enough.