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Found 17 results

  1. This is still a beta version at this point. Just upgraded with no issues, my wheel has fortunately not become an expensive paper-weight Haven't taken it for a ride yet, but reports so far indicate that there are no noticeable changes in behavior compared to FW 2.0. (I can confirm that has been my experience so far on FW 2.02 with my 16X, although I've only put 15 km on it since the upgrade) The only change I can confirm for sure is the ability to change pedal tilt (as well as set wheel auto power-off). And no, the headlight/taillight bug has not been fixed...
  2. *Price Lowered! Kingsong KS18L with Low Miles. Under 200 miles. Practically brand new! Excellent condition. A few light scratches. Comes with 2 OEM Chargers for faster charging. Upgraded with the XL Pedals (not shown in pics) . Also comes with extra new trolley handle and rails, just in case you somehow break the original ones. Will provide live video or recorded video of me riding for you. 1000 plus 50 shipped within the United States. If you have any questions, just let me know! Thanks! You will not find a better deal!
  3. I was looking for an option for driving in the winter. Winter in Drammen, Norway is very varying. From rainy day with 5°C to -15°C snow. Some days a very icy. I have been looking for studded tires. But to no avail. The closest thing I found was studs that could be screwed into the tyre. But that needed at least 6,2 mm rubber thickness. The tires I found was between 5,5-6 mm. I didn't want to chance it. One bump and the stud would puncture the tyre/tube. In the end I ended of with the following solution. I screwed in 196 screws through the tyre from the inside out. Then I added two layers of tube that i glued to the inside of the tyre. To protect the inner tube from puncture and wear and tear. I have now ridden my Kingsong KS18L for about two weeks in total. It has worked great. The only time I struggle is when it has snowed a lot, and people has walked in the snow. Before the road has been cleared. Else it has been worked great. I have some suggestions for making it better. It would be nice to get a thin, strong mesh to clue on the inside of the tyre over the screw heads. Any suggestions on where I could get this?
  4. Hello my friends... So, the time has come, I want to make my 18XL look nice and shiny again... I want to buy new plastic shells... Do you got any idea please, where to buy it and what pieces of plastic to buy? I am from central europe... My 18XL got nearly 3000km, what a great wheel... But those scratches from the first 1000km, I hate those... Thank you guys, have a great day!
  5. Received the new foot platforms today. I installed them and took the wheel for a ride. I noticed an immediate improvement in how it felt to stand on the platformsI felt more balanced. I actually felt as if I had more control of the wheel. That feeling could be purely psychological given that I didn't spend very much time riding the wheel. It could also be an effect of what seems to be a grippier foot tape. I don't know whether the tape feels gripper because it lays across the entire surface of the wheel, has a higher friction surface, none of the above, or all of the above. I suspect that my feet will fare Better on longer rides with these larger platforms. However, at the end of the day standing for long periods of time is still standing for long periods of time. I will take the wheel for a ride to explore any changes wrought by new foot platforms. Except for the mudflap. My 18L now looks entirely like the 18XL, with all the same equipment except for the battery. gives me a great idea of what it will be like to ride the XL when it arrives. Looking forward to getting some real impressions about those new foot platforms on a longer ride. Important note. When installing the new platforms please be aware that the metal dowel that holds the platform to the hanger now installs from only one side (on the K for Kingsong side). You will now only need one hexagonal screw on one side of the platform to hold it in place.
  6. I´m getting an exclamation mark in the app and when I click on it, this screen appears. Is there anybody outthere, who is able to translate this info? My chinese is a littly rusty
  7. Yes. Unfortunately, my beloved black beauty is for sale locally in Paris. I shipped it there so that my son would have a useful commuter tool while he was studying in France. Alas, it is time to bid farewell to the 18L. You damn lucky Parisians will be getting the my 18L for a mere 1600 Euros History 1. Purchased from eWheels July, 2018 2. Used primarily by my son as a commuter tool. He used it to get to, and around his university campus and other activities throughout Washington DC. I enjoyed it occasionally for recreational use whenever it was available Details Make: Kingsong Model: 18L Color: Rubberized/matte black Reason for selling: Frankly, return shipping to the USA is expensive. However, I am quite willing if it becomes necessary; so, don't even think about trying lowball me. This 18L is already priced to sell; so, no bullshit offers if you please. Serious inquiries only. Condition 1. This KS 18L has only very minor scuffs on the foot platforms, and handle from leaning it against walls. Experienced rider. No falls occurred on this wheel. 2. Missing eight outer shell screws - four from each side. Came from the factory this way. I just lived with it. I have replacement screws, but it was going to cost me $70 to send 30 tiny screws to France so, for obvious reasons I scrapped the idea. If the buyer is so inclined, replacement screws can be ordered very cheaply on the following website: www.laptopscrews.com. the size you will want is M3 X 8mm. The type of screw is referred to as "panhead phillips." These screws are harder than the soft, easily stripped screws supplied as original equipment, and you can buy 100 for about $5. 3. One LED strip seems to have developed a short. Probably just a loose wire needing adjustment, but I am in DC and the wheel is in France so the buyer might have to replace one LED strip. 4. The wheel has a brand new control board with only 376 km; barely broken in. It has about 1500 total km on the hub and battery; practically new. Features and Specifications 1. Matte Black rubberized finish. 2. 2000 Watt Motor 3. 1036wh Battery 4. 18 inch wheel with Kenda tire. 5. Upgraded, reinforced Black trolley handle mechanism. 6. Upgraded, larger-sized 10.5cm, black foot platforms; very comfortable for longer distance riding. Much better than the originally equipped foot platforms. 7. New control board with only 376 km Local ad can be found by following link below: https://www.espritroue.fr/forum/37-gyroroues/ Buyer will be very happy with this excellent wheel."
  8. I’ve had my wheel a couple of weeks now and today after about an hour on the GenV charger set at 3A my wheel started beeping about once every 5 seconds. I unplugged it and waited a few minutes then plugged it back in and it continued charging without any issues. Any ideas why it was beeping?
  9. Hey guys, my son will be leaving the USA's Capitol City and going to live in France's Capitol City for 6 months to attend the Paris School of Business very soon; January. I am thinking that I want to ship to him the 18L so that he will have non-public transportation and a cool way to take-in the entire city. It seemed like a good idea at first, but I have some reservations. I have heard from reliable sources that French customs is strict on some items; mainly new electronics coming into the country. I have heard some horror stories about them detaining electronics at customs that then disappear off the map. It has been suggested to me that the trick is to ship it as a used personal item - which it is. Has anyone on the forum done this? Does anyone have any suggestions about how I might get the 18L to my son in France without issue? Is it better to rent an EUC in Paris, or will that be too expensive? Are EUC rentals even available in Paris? I am exploring options, but he is leaving DC in a months time so I sort of need to establish a real plan rather quickly. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, recommendations.
  10. Hello guys... 550km on my 18L and one day I woke up, I tried to pick my wheel up and one side of the handle moved out from its place... The other one is ok, but this one on the vid just do not stay where it should... So the handle is weak and unusable at all... I did not crash or anything... It just happened one morning... Thanks guys for every comment...
  11. Hello, I am the very happy new owner of a KS 18L as a first wheel. I wanted to post my experience about learning on this wheel but also ask few questions to other 18L riders about the alarms. Background I am 175cm/78Kg (5'9"/172lbs), 39yrs, never had a unicycle, riding in Chicago with the goal to replace my train commute. Roads are mostly flat, but lots of them are full of potholes or in renovation (aka streets half tiered down with gravels and bumps that even a car driver would hate). I received my 18L from eWheels at the end of August, so it is part of the "Batch2". I also got the 5A turbo charger for it, and it works great. My experience learning to ride a unicycle on the 18L It's not harder to learn on the 18L. While I have obviously no way to compare a first experience on another wheel, I have learned to ride it in 4 days, spending 30-45 min each day (could not dedicate more time to it) It seems to me that experiences in skiing, ice skating, surfing, riding a bike without using hands, etc.. are the best lead indicators of an easy/fast learning curve. It's just another variation of finding your body balance. In day 1-2, I was practicing on my backyard on the pavement (maybe 20x10 ft): so just enough to get on and off. That's not enough distance to go fast at all, and all the balance exercises were happening at extremely low speed. I realized on day 3 in the back alley that some additional speed (and anything would have been faster than on day 1-2) was providing the stability I needed to feel comfortable and stay on the wheel. Turning is like skiing, shifting your weight on your legs. More work is needed for me to exhibit total grace but the main point here is that if the 18L was hypothetically hard to learn, I did not experience it. I ran on FW 1.07 Day 1-3 and upgraded to FW 1.11 on day 4. I did not feel any differences, but that's probably because I have not yet internalized the wheel's behavior. Note that I have only checked my tire pressure on day 5, and realized that it was only ~20 PSI. So possibly, learning on at lower pressure was easier because once I updated to ~40-45 PSI, it was harder to get on. On day 6, I commuted to work: I had terrible wobbling at medium-high speed, but thanks to the posts on this site I got rid of it by lowering the pressure a little (~35 PSI) and by adjusting my feet positioning. I would say that the most impactful posts for me were the ones from @houseofjob on feet positioning techniques. I can totally relate to analogies with skiing (I actually surprised wanting to turn like skiing: using a pole, tight the wheel between my legs and jump ?). The major tip for me was his "diagonal riding" that totally got rid of my wobbling wheel effect. I also found that balancing weight on each foot like "ice skating" slowly works too; too well maybe as the wheel keeps on accelerating while ice skating would just maintain speed (due to the resistance of the ice). On day 7, I don't have any real issues, commuting to work is great but it's still an adventure due to Chicago's traffic/roads, and It reduces my commute time by 25%. I keep on hitting the level 3 alarm (set at 35 km/h) with too much ease, which leads me to my only complain & question with this wheel: the alarms. I have not experienced any lights issues, locks, or trolley handle problems at this point. Lifting the wheel works 100% of the time for me when I do it in 2 steps: 1) I give a brief pull up on the handle ( just the handle not the whole the tire) to get the "beep", and then 2) I lift the whole wheel up. I set the wheel configuration on "experienced" on day 1, as I did not see the benefits to learn a soft wheel behavior to then change it to a more reactive one: better to just learn the reactive one from the beginining. Speed Alarms When I started riding the 18L, I hit the "back tilt" quite easily with the default settings. I then changed the speed limit values to allow me to ride without getting to the "back tilt" that quickly. That's when it hit me: the "back tilt" is supposed to be the last warning. I understand that the wheel is supposed to "Beep" or "Vibrate" or "Speak something" at three alarm levels prior to the tilt: I got none of them. Playing with the App, it seems that I can get beeps by turning off the voice, but then it seems that the wheel beeps all the time, so I ended up turning alarms 1 and 2 off and only kept alarm 3 at 35 km/h (since I believe 40 km/h is the max until I get to 200km). Also, the "vibrate" option does not seem to do anything. Is the wheel supposed to vibrate or is it the phone? Nothing happens to me. Have other experienced something different? The range control in the apps goes all the way to 60 km/h, what I happen if I set 60? Would the wheel still alert me at 40km/h (or 50km/h after the 200km)? I set the alarm 3 at 35 and the tilt back at 38, but if the wheel is smart and there is no "cut off", then I supposed I could just put 38 and 40 instead? Comments? Have some of you tried? What do you use? Btw, is Darknessbot report's speed supposed to be accurate (with iphone)? Finally, while it's somewhere on this forum, I am re-sharing one advice to protect the wheel that I found was really useful. As everyone knows, it's better to protect the wheel from crashes with bumper strips. But don't apply to the wheel directly, because the double tape leaves residues when taking it out. So instead, put first some painting tape and then stick the double tape with the bumper strips on the tape. Here are some pics of my 18L for reference. I took everything off on day 6, absolutely no tape marks. Thanks to all the people on this forum who continuously provide mentorship!
  12. Hello... Yeah, I know, I know... I have a lot of troubles with my wheel... But here is, :(, another one... Today I wanted to turn on and try lift sensor for the first time... I turned it on in the app, it worked like 5 times and than nothing... I let it be for a couple of hours I was not at home, than came back, and still nothing... One succes, nothing... It works only 1 from 15 or 20 tries... Idk what is wrong... Is there anyone having the same problem? Or is there any way to solve it? I thing it is hardware problem...so :/ Ty and have a great day!
  13. Hi After a happy flight our new KS-18L stock is now in our warehouse. We are now doing quality control and shipping preorders. Our pre-order promo expires on Wednesday, 24 Jul, so this is last minute offer: KS-18L White: https://www.electricunicycles.eu/kingsong_ks_18l_(white)_1036_wh_2000_w-c__324 KS-18L Black: https://www.electricunicycles.eu/kingsong_ks_18l_(black)_1036_wh_2000_w-c__325 KS-18L Black Matte: all sold out. New stock in late August. All new orders will be processed and shipped this week! So you don't need to wait - the wheels are here! 2-year warranty in all EU countries + Norway and Switzerland 0% VAT for EU and UK business customers and outside-EU residents (Norway, Switzerland etc.) 14 days to return the product United Kingdom = free shipping Door-to-door warranty in most EU countries and in the UK (full list here) Accepted currencies: EUR, GBP, USD All our clients get 10% discount for all accessories We take care of shipping and customs clearance in Norway and Switzerland We include a black protective foam to every unicycle as a gift. All wheels are going through a strict quality control, to ensure your KS-18L won't have any firmware/hardware related issues or other flaws. Additional chargers: we have them in stock, and offer great deals for second chargers to our customers. If you want to shorten your charging time with 2 chargers, contact us to prepare a special order. You can also PM me directly Justina
  14. Hello forum! I can get Inmotion V10F from china seller for 1400USD and KingSong 18L for 1550USD. I am gonna commute DAILY to school and back (15km+15km)... It is not an off-road trip...it is mostly a car road or road for bicycles. It is only one hill...so mostly it is plane road. Sometimes I will ride in rain and some snow too... And sometimes I will use a BUS, when there will be a storm or just some bad bad weather... What wheel, do you think, will get the job done better? Thank you for your replies and have a nice day! and Im sorry for my english xd
  15. So I see that the new 18L model has a sensor system that keeps the wheel from rotating when the unit is lifted off the ground while the wheel is powered on, somewhat like the Inmotion V8, except no button under the handle as in the V8. The 18L just senses that the wheel has been lifted off the ground.........I am curious for more detailed information on this system, and my biggest question is what would keep the wheel from shutting off wheel rotation if a rider caught some air off a bump or doing a small jump? I am sure the system would handle this issue, but not sure how it works in this regard. Anyone have any further in-depth information on this new sensor system?
  16. Curious about the origin of the King Song training video, recently posted, I ended up on Facebook, which is rare for a 55 year old male ( the largest known demographic for EUCS in the west). And I came across this on the official King Song page ( some place I have never been before) if you stop the video at exactly 3 seconds, you will have a good broadside view of "SpiderChan's" wheel. Correct me if I'm wrong, but alloy spokes, means it's not a 16" because the 16" motor goes all the way to the rim, no spokes. so is it the rumoured 18L? At 2 seconds you can also see the buttons and charge port are on the front and not the top. there's also some awesome two wheel riding later on. I wish I was 1/10 that good.
  17. Hello Folks, I'm a Ninebot One S2 (S1) Rider and pretty satisfied with that package, especially regarding it's movability and handling. But I'm missing a little *whoom* and therefore I'm thinking over to switch to something like V8 or KS-16S... in the first place. Now I read the rumours about the announced shiny new KS-18L or Ninebot Z, both 18 Inch. So, what is your option, should I Upgrade to 16" - or even better to 18"? What are the advantages/disadvantages? What about the riding comfort (e.g. City ride, long distance ride, gravel road, bumpy road etc) - are there big differences between 16" and 18" or do they behave more or less pretty similar? Will a 18 inch wheel be suitable for inner City usage or is it much less movable/agile, compared to a 16 inch Model? Thank you for you opinions/experiences Rgds, Borg
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