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Which One Plays Jams the Loudest?


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Well def, gunna go ahead and get myself one of these and start cruising soon...

Can anyone briefly break down a list of the euc with the best speakers? Def want to incorporate being a portable jukebox...

And if anyone can point me toward 'Buying Safety Equipment 101. I figure good knee / shin pads, elbow, wrist and a good faceplate resistant helmet... That sound about right and good to go?

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I can say that the KS14S has much better sounding speakers than the KS18S. I don't know how the KS16S compares to either.

Personally, I wouldn't let the speakers drive your decision on buying a wheel. The most versatile option is to use a bluetooth speaker.

Visit the Safety Gear section of this Forum.

Here's a video of mine on what I think is a superb bluetooth speaker (focuses the sound up towards your head:


And a safety gear video (there are more on my Channel - checkout my Gear playlist):


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