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I've owned a V5F for about 8 months. Opened it up for a cleaning and even a boad replacement so I feel confiedent putting it together. To me, it's very much like building a computer, around a wheel. lol:smartass:

 I've thought about building the V8 from the ground up if I have to just to get one. Thoughts? 


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Ewheels has a comprehensive array of parts... But can you really buy ALL the parts? I think if you added everything up it might actually be cheaper to buy a Glide 3 from Solowheel (the rebranded and overpriced V8) and then you'd honestly just be better off getting a better wheel for that kind of money. You can go the Aliexpress route but Inmotion do region locking and you may need a VPN to emulate a China IP for access to advanced app functions like firmware updates and calibration. You could try to buy from Europe but again that adds up the costs. 

I'm a V8 owner and for the old price point of $1000 delivered I love it. But those days are gone for the US. If you want a new 16" wheel close to V8 specs you'd be best to look at the KS16S which dropped in price a little after the V8 officially left us. 

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Thanks for that, I've considered the used aspect, anyway I were to do it would have some hassle I guess. Adding all the neccesities to the cart the total was 1100 aprox, not including return custom discount on the parts. And the G3 parent company business practices I'm trying to stay away from. <_<

I wanna try a KS because, dumb reason, aesthetically it suits me and I make music; KING-SONG. :D However, I think I might be getting a GOTWAY in the future. To me, they seem to have the power that all wheels will eventually attain or be considered as more of the standard. JMO.

I still wanna build that V8 because it's just a great complete wheel. Not so much on the power side for more than regular usage but could still manage if done so.

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