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  1. I have to ride in the rain a lot and the seat and my legs when sitting keep the wheel fairly dry up top and up front towards incoming rain. I wear a poncho sometimes which almost drapes over me and the wheel while sitting so we stay pretty dry. Still, I intend to get the v3 shell as a replacement down the road and do similar precautions cause you never know.
  2. I anticipated maybe going out in the evenings afterwards likely on wheel but up for whatever, I don’t want to set anything in stone except the group rides so I don’t feel stressed to see the sights or something. Just wanna enjoy my time away from work really 😂
  3. @HarpMuddUSA Hostels in Hollywood; wanted the extra cash for vacation entertainment instead of the hotel stay
  4. I just tried and recvd a message saying TFU cannot rcv messages.
  5. Nice! Monday the 21st; LAX arrival at 4:30PM. .
  6. My understanding is to disconnect the wheel, discharge, and ship it ground in the original box. Contents: "electronics" for any inquires, or something like that. I'm not sure If I should: (1) Ship to wear I'm staying if they allow (2) Have it held at a shipping/Pick-up Center, or (3) A local rider could receive it ahead of my arrival so I'll be able to have it when I arrive. I don't see why the hotel wouldn't hold it for a resident but I'll confirm with them this week. Arriving around 4 at LAX won't leave me enough time to pick up from a center and check in is what I'm afraid of and I don't believe there's enough time to pick it up the following morning before the ride if not open early enough. If someone would receive my wheel, I'd have some POM feeling confident knowing it's in good hands. Dinner's on me if so.
  7. So this will be interesting but I'm excited. I decided to stay at hostel in Hollywood for the cost and location. Recent reviews seem promising and I've been researching in general what to expect compared to conventional options. I really wanted this nice rental/vacation home (done this with friends and family) but decided the extra $ will be better spent on any impulse entertainment and/or emergencies. Plus I plan to be out and about vs staying in at night but while there I hope to meet and introduce other travelers to this wonderful form of personal transportation. All that's left is shipping arrangements so that I have my wheel when I arrive and in time for the following group rides. I've looked at the ones I will be joining but without a meetup address it's a little harder to estimate my ETA's. This is somewhat important as I will NOT be renting a car. So, while out there I'm planning on seeing my true mileage on 2400wh at about 130lb before gear. We shall see. Of course I'll LYFT or UBER if I have to, but...
  8. I just picked up the Thule Rail Pro which is a 12L Hydration pack meant for MBX, so a feature included is a CE level 1 removable back protector. Usually I wear a vest like bag (https://aesthetichomage.com/products/gotham-tactical-vest?variant=12217163644984) that distributes the weight to my sides more evenly but I actually like how low profile it is plus I get the added protection now. https://mbaction.com/mba-product-test-thule-rail-12l-pro-hydration-pack/
  9. off work and Ready to Ride and Represent but going Solo Sometimes is Somber ... I work at a Tavern Tending to the Thirsty as well as Cooking for the Curious Culinary Columbus
  10. Both sides or just one? Either way, I'm only about 130-140 and I sometimes noticed this on my V5F but not the V8 or Monster. I assume it's easier to flex the smaller wheels body then the bigger. Not sure really. Does the tire look centered?
  11. So I roll into my local FedEx to ask about the logistics of shipping this wheel to Cali for my vacation. The first guy said I need some sort of UN code for the batteries to verify if they can ship it. He also asked the sold value of the item and when I told him (monster) he replied with something along the lines of too expensive he thinks. Than another guy came out and was blatantly saying no because of the batteries. I elaborated about it being possible seeing as how others have sold used wheels within the states and shipped out to the purchaser even including the idea that Jason at ewheels offered something like this for his customers. Once I brought this up it seemed he was directing me to have him do it then. Basically what I got was there needs to be appropriate exterior labeling of the contents, if even allowed at all.
  12. Thanks. Avatar photo is me and the V5F but my cover photo is related to cymatics. I love making music and learning about the theory and even science of sound.
  13. I hope this is the case. I'm really trying to find the most reliable and safe way to get my wheel down there but still not sure. I even considered buying a new wheel and enjoy it for my time there and then have it possibly shipped back to my home address from ewheels . I don't know.
  14. This. Many including myself out of necessity need to ride in rain at times but when I do I have more concern for the safety/reliability of the wheel than anything else.
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