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Found 10 results

  1. Scratched up my Z10 pedals plenty and am looking to replace them and the trolley handle. Ninebot doesn't seem to be offering any official replacement parts unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Has anyone bought some off AliExpress or other sites? I'm a little sketched as I don't know if they are actually Ninebot official parts, and I'd like to trust what's under my feet at 27mph. Linked a couple below. Link Link
  2. Selling a used Rockwheel 14 for parts or repair. Bought it recently and turned out it didn't work. Opened it up and looks like the control board was fried. Also the battery is dead. Asking $100 net. Buyer pays actual shipping from Chicago, IL. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks.
  3. Special 11-11 Mini-Mini Pro : Mini Pro €408 (EUROPE) / $469 USA Priority Line 8-18 business days + $104.84 Mini Plus : €491 Mini Pro 408 euros MINI PLUS 491 euros

    V8 BUILD?

    I've owned a V5F for about 8 months. Opened it up for a cleaning and even a boad replacement so I feel confiedent putting it together. To me, it's very much like building a computer, around a wheel. lol I've thought about building the V8 from the ground up if I have to just to get one. Thoughts? Peace
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone out there can help. I rang Ian at Speedy Feet enquiring about a new left main shell for my Ninebot One E+ and he told me that Ninebot have retracted his license to sell the One and all it's parts! This is CRAZY!!! Ian at Speedy Feet is by far the best and most reliable person in the country when it comes to your Ninebot One needs. He told me that as the Ninebot One is not legal here, Ninebot have decided to snub the UK when it comes to parts. I'll be buying the shell from Ian, but am concerned about obtaining any parts I may need in the future (when Ian runs out). Does anyone know where the next best place to obtain parts is? I can't believe Ninebot are doing this :-(
  6. I have this issue with the current machine that was in storage and i'm trying to recover it. And it's currently my only euc, so i reeaaaally need to fix it :-O Photos in big rez #1 | #2 | #3 It's suffers from downhill road damage, it shut down, i've jumped safely but it started bouncing for like 15m before stoping and some stuff broke :'( The following Gif shows a bit of space on the left part of the wheel on pedal/axis And i've also broken the plastic part protecting the battery level led and the light led. The machine also has 2 of the total 4 screw bases smashed resulting on a gap on the wheel Photo in big rez I've taken into action and opened the parts i could open cause i couldn't split in half to get access to the battery, i want to get to know the kind or even part number to order a new one or replace it with a new custom pack like @esaj suggested on the -> ..that the user @1RadWerkstatt can build. Anyways, moving on to some side/internals Photos on big rez #1 | #2 Now to the questions part. I need to find what kind of Firewheel Clone that is, preferably the model number so i can search online for support, i know i'm far-fetching but at least i can try. I need to replace the battery as soon as possible cause this model has more than 2.000 klm (over 1250 miles) and the battery does sudden shuts After i gather the above i need to know if it's possible for a bms mod to keep me a bit safer while wheeling I know i'm asking a lot, but i'm not that adept with tampering these things, i'm more on the theoretical side of things.. I hope there is someone out there to help me with this thing.. it's the only euc i have left and i hate the fact that i use public transport for my daily commute :-#
  7. I'm looking for where to purchase parts. I have an IPS F400 that has a cracked pedal shank. Is there a listing of vendors and parts for Unicycles?
  8. Hi, I have a copy unicycle and at the moment it will not turn on. I have checked the battery and the motor so it must be the PCB. Can anyone help me to source a replacement part, please. Thank you
  9. Hey Folks, I have a couple questions: -Are King Song units waterproof enough for use in the rain? I see that some of the gaps appear to be sealed with foam around the control board in disassembly photos----I was wondering if the same goes for the battery compartment. -How easy is it to get replacement parts for these units? Especially new batteries after the first one starts to degrade with use? Thanks, -Jacques
  10. I'm in the final stages of evaluating a unicycle to purchase. Looks like it would be good to find one that has parts available. Can anybody show me where to find an English language parts site? Or can you tell me what cycles have the best parts availability from their customer service department? Many thanks. Chris
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