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Mounting holes screw size


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I do not know exactly, but all I can say is that they are standard screws, with standard measures in width and spiral. I know it because I have tried several sizes that I have and I have found that there are common screws. It will be good to know official specification, because the length is very important as well.

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standard m5 screws.

Thank you. Since I am not at home, I could not measure it.

Anyway, as I said, it will be good to know official specification, because the length is very important as well. In fact, I have test some screws that encounter a obstacle inside, because their lenght.

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the upper holes are deeper than the bottom ones, you can screw until you hit the tire too. so just cut them with a dremel or saw, depending how much weight you want you contraption to hold. also consider washers.


Edit: i measured it. upper hole (closed) goes in 1 cm maximum. lower hole is open and scrubs the tire at 1 cm. so 5-7 mm would be ok. if you cant cut them put in some washers to make them "shorter"

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@Blunzn, Thanks.  Later last night I was able to find a screw that fit so I was going to take it to the hardware store to find some the same size.

Thanks for including the warnings about length.  I had noticed it but others may not.

(I'm not sure what I was supposed to measure with.)



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An update to anyone concerned.  My 9B1's screw holes were NOT M5's.

I found a screw around the house (and had no idea what size it was) and it fit the 9B1.  I took the screw to the hardware store and suspecting that it was a M5 I screwed it into their 'tester thing'... and it fit.  So I bought some M5 x 0.8 - 12 screws.  They didn't fit.  So today I went back to the hardware store.  I tried my screw in other holes on their 'tester thing' and found that it fit in the 10-32 hole. 

I bought the 10-32 screws and they fit my 9B1.  Maybe it's because my 9B1 is an American version.  Not sure if they have different versions.  Considering it's made it China I am surprised it's not Metric.

So the lesson here is that a 10-32 screw fits in a M5 hole but fits better in a 10-32 hole.  But a M5 screw only fits in a M5 hole and doesn't fit a 10-32 hole.


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It's an M6-1.0 10mm

Bought some at Home Depot.Fit perfect.
Buy Locktite (Not sure why there wouldn't be any locktite from the manufacturer) Locktite Blue is medium strength. Red formula is high strength so red may be overkill for this application

0000-516-316 SCKT SCREW <A> $1.08 (for 2 of them)

URL for Home Depot below. 
(Picture of screw is longer in picture) but its shorter (10mm) in the package


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