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  1. bin eh einer deiner 4 Abonnenten, gibts eigentlich eine Urkunde oder Preis wenn man alle biker/skater überholt hat ?
  2. ja das die kleinen mehr wackeln ist normal ... hab ein ähnliches problem seit dem ks18xl, wenn ich auf den ks16s umsteige brauch ich meist paar minuten bis ich mich wieder daran gewöhne. wegen friday night skating kenn ich nur alte erzählungen vom funshop peter, muss aber schon jahre her sein. damals war angeblich helmpflicht für einräder und hinter der gruppe nachfahren. keine ahnung ob sie immer noch so streng sind oder ob ned eh schon ne ganze e-mobility gruppe mitfährt ...
  3. Sei froh, die fahren bei jedem Lokal vorbei egal wo es hingehen soll, 7 uhr früh geht sich nur mit vorher durchmachen aus .... bin bei ca. 8000km mit Ninebot 1E+ / KS16b / KS16s und mit dem neuen KS18xl bei 350km. 2000km fehlen zirka bei den Aufzeichnungen.
  4. haven't succeeded in creating a flexible tpu stand but this works quite well on flat surfaces. use some sturdy PETG, Polymax or Nylon filament. normal PLA or TPU were to weak for the heavy XL. Thingiverse
  5. not euc related, just some abrasions from a surfboard. and with the v-max of the ninebot driving barefoot wasn't too dangerous.
  6. ok now it gets interesting ... after dji brought us drones and tracking abilities ... Vespa is giving us a f***ing fridge who can follow and drive up to 22mph the user wears either a belt or if the driving backpack mapped the route already it can even drive autonomous ... in this video they talk a bit about the tracking/mapping system. PS: not sure if its really a fridge ... but there will be beer inside thats for sure
  7. just got a present from a good friend and musician
  8. i planed a tour last year ... maybe a little bit ambitious 13 christmas markets -> but for driving around vienna there is almost no place you can't drive.
  9. talking about small drones ... just found this Dobby thing ... not as sophisticated but cheaper, the tester also reviewed the inmotion v5f+ and other rideables edit: Oh and for practicing there is a Simulater called Liftoff on Steam for appx 20 €. you can use some highend Remote or an PS3/4 XBox controller. Safes up a lot of propellers and there is another one too, which i haven't tried out yet. "FPV Freerider" should be around 5$ and has a free demo.
  10. a little tip for finding your drone. Try to get a "Tile Mate" (6.1g), "Tile Slim" (9,3g), "TrackR" (~8.5g), Chipolo (9 g) or Wuvo (3g) Bluetooth finder. they don't have gps but you can find the drone within a limited bluetooth range, and when a friend installs the "crowd finding" app they can help you search the hugh field over which you have last seen it http://mobilesyrup.com/2016/01/29/chipolo-vs-trackr-vs-tile-vs-wuvo-the-ultimate-tracking-device-showdown/
  11. the only letdown seems to be the missing HDMI output ... so no fatshark compatibility for FPV Headsets/Googles. DJi will (or already has) bring out its own bulky Headset ... but other than that a real beauty
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