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  1. Blunzn


    not completely off topic but a EUC - FPV mix with some drone flying in the middle. need to figure out how to mount the Insta360 Go under the pedals ... love that cam
  2. can i still keep dreaming of a future EUC World Pepple app ? haven't tried that in a while as the KS app got only rid of the 'please decelerate' messages. great if that works now, thanks
  3. thanks for the update, great work. After playing around with the horn option and the pebble classic, i got again some questions gauge settings work great. but under watchsettings, single/double/tap&hold seems to be for touchscreen watches only. could the Pebble users get an 'alternative button mode' or 3 free programable buttons. where e.g the upper button alternates speed/info screens, middle button - horn, lower button - light. putting the lock/unlock/offswitch feature on a button may be a bit unsafe but if a 3x or 5x fast press (like on ecigs) is programable it would be a nice feature. i normaly drive without Kingsongmusic connected as i hate, the bluetooth connected/disconnected warning messages. i use 1 earpod for music from my iphone, my cheap android phone is stored in the backpack (with sounds disabled). thanks to macrodroid starting EUC World and reconnecting from the Pebble works again. did some macros for standard startup without kingsongmusic, one with speakers connected and another to disconnect them again. the problem i encounter is that if i set the watch-hornmode in EUC World to 'via bluetooth audio' but kingsong music is not connected there is, ofc, no horn. but could you maybe add some option like "fall back to on-board if bluetooth audio got disconnected". so that you at least get an onboard-beep instead of no honk at all. planing to get rid of my bikebell if that all works out, loving it.
  4. i would like to have an option to edit the gpx file before putting it online. a delete 30 sec/1min from the start or end would be nice to trim and cut out home adresses/favorite Pubs also will there be an gpx upload function ? got gpx logs from 2015 till now with the new v2 firmware on the 18xl ... the Horn button now beeps AND switches the frontlight on/off. no matter which of the weird light modes you are on, it switches to the fixed White/Red mode, which is my favorite anyhow, and then toggles the white light only. as i always either switch off the lights or the euc before entering a house/bar/shop this bug/feature is great for switching lights without having to cycle through all the new modes ... maybe enhance it with a single press for horn, double-press for lights. P.S.: love the macrodroid tip, time to put my phone back in the rucksack without worrying about switching the wheel off.
  5. upgraded my KS18XL too. worked nicely with darknessbot. I set the speed with euc world and darknessbot, just to be sure ;-) had to calibrate with the KS app. It's almost like a new wheel, lovin' it. my short burger-trip became a quite long trip through the hilly side of Vienna just the light modes ... way too many to cycle through ... fixed white/red and off(only red) would be sufficient imho, or 3 modes maybe.
  6. bin eh einer deiner 4 Abonnenten, gibts eigentlich eine Urkunde oder Preis wenn man alle biker/skater überholt hat ?
  7. ja das die kleinen mehr wackeln ist normal ... hab ein ähnliches problem seit dem ks18xl, wenn ich auf den ks16s umsteige brauch ich meist paar minuten bis ich mich wieder daran gewöhne. wegen friday night skating kenn ich nur alte erzählungen vom funshop peter, muss aber schon jahre her sein. damals war angeblich helmpflicht für einräder und hinter der gruppe nachfahren. keine ahnung ob sie immer noch so streng sind oder ob ned eh schon ne ganze e-mobility gruppe mitfährt ...
  8. Sei froh, die fahren bei jedem Lokal vorbei egal wo es hingehen soll, 7 uhr früh geht sich nur mit vorher durchmachen aus .... bin bei ca. 8000km mit Ninebot 1E+ / KS16b / KS16s und mit dem neuen KS18xl bei 350km. 2000km fehlen zirka bei den Aufzeichnungen.
  9. haven't succeeded in creating a flexible tpu stand but this works quite well on flat surfaces. use some sturdy PETG, Polymax or Nylon filament. normal PLA or TPU were to weak for the heavy XL. Thingiverse
  10. not euc related, just some abrasions from a surfboard. and with the v-max of the ninebot driving barefoot wasn't too dangerous.
  11. Blunzn


    ok now it gets interesting ... after dji brought us drones and tracking abilities ... Vespa is giving us a f***ing fridge who can follow and drive up to 22mph the user wears either a belt or if the driving backpack mapped the route already it can even drive autonomous ... in this video they talk a bit about the tracking/mapping system. PS: not sure if its really a fridge ... but there will be beer inside thats for sure
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