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16" City EUC - recommendation?


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Hey fellow riders...


I'm on a Ninebot E for a few months and must say I enjoy riding it in the city here in China. Some limitations as the speed limit, water resistance and an occasional hesitation in acceleration/deceleration has made me thinking.


Which wheel out there today is good for city use? The criteria I would put up (i'm fairly novice) are:

- safety (strong motor for quick reaction)

- not too wide to catch on narrow passages

- reliable after months of use and in different weather

- weight. Lets face it, how do you get 20kg down or up some occasional stairs in malls/parks/sidewalks?

- trolley handle. Not a 100% necessity but it does help a lot. The one that can be mounted on the ninebot looks flimsy. Kingsong looks better.

- pedals not too low to hinder sharper turning at slow speeds


Criteria that I wouldn't put at the top of the list (although still fun to have):

- cruising over 30km/h

- crazy long range 


I've been looking at kingsong 16s and gotway acm. It's hard for me to grasp their size and maneuverability compared to the ninebot. Also the reliability and quick reaction dependability is hard to assess.


Can you help me name a few wheels you might think would do better in the city?

Thank you! /s

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Inmotion V8. I just went for it. Downside is the the middle of the road range (20-25 miles) and max speed is 30km/h (you wanted over 30kmh). These things were secondary criteria for you though. I think the V8 ticks every other box for you.

Less range = less weight so up to you to decide which you want to compromise on. The V8 also has a kill switch under the grab handle to temporarily kill the wheel while carrying up or down stairs. It saves you having to do a complete power off to prevent spin out and shut-off when you lift it. Inmotion has a strong safety record. 800W nominal motor, 2500W max (I think).

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ACM ;)

< 18 Kg


trolley available

1500/3000 Watt Motor

> 40 Km/h

Bluetooth + app


And ACM hasn't that shiny, glossy finish. In my point of view a good reason. Because I'm not crying every time I "crash" the wheel if I'm trying some tricks or going rough offroad.

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If you are used to the Ninebot, you should love the King Song 16S.  It is the same form factor, but a few things improved.  Range, power, speed, trolly handle, speakers...

The only thing I don't like is the non magnetic foot peddles, but that is easy enough to modify with a DIY.  

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