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Coil Resistance?


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Has anyone an idea how high the resistance of the phases (coils) of the EUC is?

Taken some measurements or estimated the used wire length?

i'd like to have an idea in which magnitude it could be.

From pictures like posted here http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/6742-gotway-acm-1600-autopsy-and-mods/?do=findComment&comment=84088

there seem to be about 55 magnets, so also ~55 coils. Every coils could have about 10-15 windings in ?5-10? layers (not really to be seen).

Would result in 50-150 windings (*) with ?4? cm each -> 200 to 600 cm per coil -> with 55 coils in total something between 11 to 33 meters.

(imho with this accuracy :blink1: all the wiring around the coils can be neglected ;) )

Somewhere was written that AWG 16 wires are used? They have 13,6 Ohm/km so the resulting resistance for all three phases could be in the range of 0,15 to 0,45 Ohm.

Normally 2 phases are always commuted together in serie, so the range for the "effective" ohmic internal resistance could be somewhere between 0,1 and 0,3 Ohm? Taking in regard (*) 0,1 could be a realistic value for further estimations?

(*) Just discovered that the linked picture are 7 pictures - it's hard to tell from them but imho 50-150 windings is too much, could be even less than 50 windings per coil?

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I once tried to measure the Firewheel motor between two phases with a cheapo multimeter, but the resistance was too low to measure accurately with that (I think it showed something like 0.2 ohms). I don't have kelvin-clips for the bench meter, but I could try later today with the programmable PSU, simply putting a low voltage across it and see how much current flows. Or a ratio-metric -approach with a power resistor in series...

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I don't have an ACM but I did measured my MCM2 before, the resistance between two phases is 0.269 Ohm.
I guess the coil resistance of the ACM is smaller than MCM2 because the rated power is more.

ACM has 63 slots and 56 poles, which is common among 16/18 inch motors.

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