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Gotway MSuper V3 820wh - $800 [SOLD]

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I'm upgrading so I no longer need my trusty MSuper. It has ~800 miles on the odometer and 25 charge cycles. The tire condition is excellent, and the tube has been "Slimed" to reduce the likelihood of a flat. It's not in pristine condition (lots of scratches, etc.), but it never had any serious falls. I've never had any issues with it. As a preventative measure I did open it and apply silicon across the motor power connectors when there was general concern about the connector integrity.

I can provide detailed pictures if there's any serious interest.

Comes in the original shipping box with original power brick. I may not have the original manual, but I can supply a PDF version if necessary.

Southern California pickup would be ideal, but I can ship anywhere if you want to pay the actual shipping fees.

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1 hour ago, RooMiniPro said:

Hi Marty,

Will you be adding photos to the ad?


Yes. I'll take some current pictures and post them.

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35 minutes ago, eddiemoy said:

i'm interested, i'm in nj.  i'll pay $800 and shipping costs.

I have someone local looking at it this weekend. If they don't buy it, the wheel is yours if you still want it. I'll let you know this weekend.

Please be aware that shipping to NJ could be ~$90 (I'm not charging anything, it's whatever the shipper charges). It's a big box and the shipping weight is almost 50 pounds.

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2 hours ago, Bonzo said:


love the vids...how many volts and mosfets is your Msuper?


Thanks :)  All of the MSuper's use 12 mosfets.  My model is the V3

  • MSuper V3   =  67v @ 820wh
  • MSuper V3s  =  84v @ 1300wh
  • MSuper V3s+ =  84v @ 1600wh
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On 5/25/2017 at 10:25 AM, eddiemoy said:

Yes, Understand the shipping charges.  OK, thanks Marty.

The local buyer opted to buy it. Sorry I couldn't sell it to you :(

On 5/24/2017 at 3:48 PM, steve454 said:

@Marty Backe I offer 775 dollars plus shipping cost.  

A local buyer bought it Steve. Sorry.

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