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Hi, this is the unknown error which never happened before. After parking for 3 days with a fully charged battery, I turn it on today and it is like this video clip. I don't think the battery is out of order because previously I use and charge it daily, moreover, my other 4 Ninebot mini which have been activated at the same day still have no problem. I tried to charge it but nothing shown in a battery display. Any idea?       


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I've tried swapping a good battery of the white Ninebot mini to black one that has issue and it works, but white one doesn't work. So, I check information via 9bot App. and see there is an issue with the battery(please see attachments). The question is why this happen? because I've been using and maintaining the battery very well, never left it unused or depleted. Moreover, the total distance is only 2XX kilometer, the battery should not out of order in this range, or this is a late defect?







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Hello friend

well i will sugest you different action: (but maybe one cell is dead light will be red)


A/ remove the battery from the mini, and charge the battery separatly from the mini

look the LED color, if green it's ok if red there's trouble


B/ this method (care because reintialize the password too) YOU CAN SEE VIDEO HOW RESET posted by Jarz21


you must remove the handbar first

1/ in the off state, mini upside down (reverse position)

2/in the state mini upside down, boot, start the mini

3/maintain inverted state for 2 seconds

4/ shut down

5/ put your mini in normal position and reboot it



1/"Attempt to restart twice-three times and observe whether the error disappears

2/"Charge the vehicle body for 10 minutes with the charger, if the problem still cannot be solved, dismantle battery pack and remount, attempt to charge again, if the problem still cannot be solved, please contact your retailer or Ninebot service center


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