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  1. I will probably paint as powder coating makes things not fit right cause it makes it thicker.
  2. I have a craftsman powder coater bought it for $30 bucks like 4 years ago still works like a champ. And it cures in oven or heat gun. I used heat gun. Harbor freight has them also and the powder like $5 for a pound of it
  3. Powder coated pedals black and added a v3 louvre fender
  4. Made emblems and changed grip tape.
  5. Must have more batteries!!!! Wish I knew what he was talking about lol
  6. Yes there are no laws here. only laws in mass go for 2-3 wheeled vehicles with handle bars.
  7. Just bought a new battery from Segway $130 refurbished or something around like $250 new. Took 3 days to arrive. My battery just clunked out but it was 2 years old and ridden alot. Pretty sure this was the number. Mine was doing exact same thing. Battery fixed it. My battery is the larger 320wh
  8. Jeremy Valentin

    MSX Seat

    Had seat on msx and I can ride but I’m 5,11 220lbs and it isn’t so comfy. But i don’t have to worry about that no more cause it flew off at some point while riding twice second time wasn’t lucky enough to find it
  9. The msx is very top heavy keep riding the wobbles will go away. I had them also and I still get them from time to time when braking. Give it a few more rides see if they go away
  10. Just got my glide 3 yesterday and the power button is a lil weird I think I just have to get used to it since it’s not a actual button more like a sensor. When I connect to my inmotion app I can’t get any of those setting you some about. Don’t see anything about tilt.
  11. Try the darknessbot app yet? Works with my INMOTION , segway mini pro and my gotway msuper x.
  12. I drive a msx 84v I’m 220lbs and I have been 35 mph. Very nerve racking but fun. I wouldn’t go over 30 mph now, that’s fast enough. Don’t know what top speed on 100v is! Either way wear protection and listen for those precious beeps
  13. No he is fine my mother work at the pd he went viral on my Facebook. At 12k views. I was surprised how he just hopped on it
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