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  1. Jeremy Valentin

    Msx top speed

    Can this msx 84v 1600wh really go this fast? I picked it up off the ground and slowly let it pick up speed and 47 mph is where it maxed out. Ive actually been 35 but it’s just beeping. It definitely was beeping like crazy when I picked it up and it hit speed. I wouldn’t go that fast as I know what concrete feels like
  2. Jeremy Valentin

    Anyone close to Springfield mass

    Looking for some electric riding buddies. I’m the only person around here riding. No complaints but would be good to have some friends lol. I travel to Worcester once a week. Maybe come out to Boston sometime.
  3. Jeremy Valentin

    Gotway msuper X pedals angle -VIDEO-

    I personally love the tilted pedals
  4. Jeremy Valentin

    Got cut off

    Got this msx sept 7th gonna hit 500 miles tomorrow and today would be the first day it touched the floor!
  5. Jeremy Valentin

    Got cut off

    I went to hospital to make sure I was ok. I went to police station to cover myself. Not gonna persue anything. Glad me and euc are ok. Lesson learned never leave house without all gear and rear mirror. Still wouldn’t have helped since he put his car in front of me giving me 1ft of stopping distance. I’m a hefty 200lbs so his car didn’t take my body to well. Hope he learns not to be such an aggressive driver. My brother is a body shop tech lol. Could have went well in his favor if he would have been calm. I ride motorcycles and u can’t be safe enough cause other people don’t care about you on the road! The fact that he told me he seen me at last intersection made me feel like he did it on purpose, and the hostile behavior as soon as he got out. But still couldn’t keep me off it drove it everywhere today. This thing is great. Only complaint I have is I’m the only person in my city with one I have no wheel friends lol
  6. Jeremy Valentin

    Got cut off

    So I’m riding this am to go get my son to walk him to school. I’m about to cross a McDonald’s drive entrance when a guy comes flying in and I slam into his back quarter panel. He tells me he seen me. So I asked him why did he just turn in, he said I should have stopped. I was only going about 10 mph or so cause I’m crossing entrances I don’t wanna get hit. I def tried to stop but he turned straight in front of me I couldn’t stop. So before I can ask what he wants to do dude gets in my face yelling and cursing. The crossing guard was there and told him he should have waited and she seen the whole thing. So dudes like all in my face so I took off. But I got his plate numbers and car on video. My shoulder hurts like heck. Should I make a report or call his insurance? Go to hospital. I was gonna stay but he was in my face so I left didn’t want to have to fight the guy over something I feel was his fault. I got my car and went back but he was gone but I seen him when I was driving down the road that’s how I got his plate. I can’t believe how hostile this guy was. On my way! To McDonald’s see if they have footage
  7. Did you ever figure this out? My mini just started doing the same thing.
  8. Jeremy Valentin

    New MSX Battery????

    I’ve been on mine for 7 days straight. Going for second ride today in a few. I’m am completely hooked.
  9. Jeremy Valentin

    Gotway ACM (no battery) for sale

    Which model is it? 67v 84v
  10. Jeremy Valentin

    Msx waterproof

    Msuper x Msuper x
  11. Jeremy Valentin

    Msx waterproof

    Gonna take a 20 mile ride this am. Might drizzle. Just curious if it does will I be ok? Not looking to go swimming or anything. Just addicted and wanna ride lol. Seen a video I believe of Marty in the ocean with it but not sure if he did something to combat the water. Tried searching but only seen something about the monster.
  12. Jeremy Valentin

    New here loving my euc

    I drive the segways and I got all my foot pain with those. Didn’t get it with msx wheel. But I did get the pain where pads are. But it’s managable. These things are a riot. So much fun. Selling all my segways and exchanging them for eucs. My son is all on my back for one. He’s a dare devil like me so I don’t wanna grab a slow wheel. Any suggestions.
  13. Jeremy Valentin

    New here loving my euc

    Just joined this forum, but been following it for awhile. Read lots of info in regards to what euc I was gonna buy. I went with the msuperx. Been riding two days and it’s amazing. I’m totally in love with this thing. Took me 2 hours to get ahold of it but I did 70 miles today and it was great. Rides like a Cadillac. Got up to 27 mph and boy was that fast and I ride motorcycles. Been riding mini pros for months and needed this upgrade. Now my friends are trying to get eucs. I got them hooked. You guys have helped so much without helping I just sit and read all day. Can’t wait for tomorrow!! Anyone have charging times on rapid charger? And any specific brand I should get? That’s my only problem takes long to charge lol! Thanks.
  14. Oh my I need some of these!!!
  15. I’ve had my mini for months and it never put me at 2.5 mph unless I turned on limited mode. The fastest I’ve been on mine is 11 mph. Anything over 10 will beep. I just learned to drive within that speed. Mini didn’t go fast enough for me so I bought a msuper x