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  1. Thanks a lot, I will try the B/ method because the LED of both battery and charger adapter are green.
  2. I've tried swapping a good battery of the white Ninebot mini to black one that has issue and it works, but white one doesn't work. So, I check information via 9bot App. and see there is an issue with the battery(please see attachments). The question is why this happen? because I've been using and maintaining the battery very well, never left it unused or depleted. Moreover, the total distance is only 2XX kilometer, the battery should not out of order in this range, or this is a late defect?
  3. Hi, this is the unknown error which never happened before. After parking for 3 days with a fully charged battery, I turn it on today and it is like this video clip. I don't think the battery is out of order because previously I use and charge it daily, moreover, my other 4 Ninebot mini which have been activated at the same day still have no problem. I tried to charge it but nothing shown in a battery display. Any idea?
  4. Today I can't connect my Ninebot mini to the App via bluetooth, this case never happened before. Do you have the same problem?
  5. You are right about the uncertain changing in riding behavior of the 1.3.1 which doesn't occur in 1.1.7, but the speed of both version is not different for me, I can reach the maximum speed of 21.9 km/Hr with the 1.3.1 as same as 1.1.7. However, changing in riding behavior for 1.3.1 seems to happen in some day, but not for all of my Ninebot mini, thanks to make me know that this is a result of upgrading to 1.3.1. Anyway, I won't downgrade firmware again because my Ninebot mini used to stop immediately while I was turning slowly, this used to happen twice when I rode with firmware version 1.1.7 and 1.2.8, fortunately I have 10 years experience in riding the Segway and I know how to fall and roll without a severe injury. What will happen if the Ninebot mini turns off while you are standing? If you wanna try, just go on using an old version, but I won't for sure! At least, upgrading firmware to 1.3.1 also upgrading the battery firmware too. By the way, I have 9 Ninebots and ride it every day in all weather and road condition, no matter in a very heavy rain, extreme rocky off-road, mud, riding at noon when outside temperature is 42 degree Celsius, 30 degree slope, etc. Moreover, I have my friends ride them in order to help me monitor any defection of the 1.3.1 and all of them can't distinguish between the 1.1.7 and 1.3.1 except for riding backward which has no beeping in 1.3.1
  6. Hi, sorry for a slow update, I'm extremely busy these weeks and hardly have a chance to run in all my new Ninebot mini. However, two of them that have already passed run in period(50Km) and use 1.3.1 firmware are better than every version I ever used, including 1.1.7 too. About the speed limit, I didn't see any difference between 1.1.7 and 1.3.1 but the 1.3.1 is totally better than 1.2.7 or 1.2.8. The beep sound and speed limit of 1.3.1 is similar to 1.1.7, it still alarm when I ride fast or when the battery level is low, but a good point is when I ride backwards, it won't beep anymore(or you can turn on alarm in the app if you wish). In conclusion, the latest firmware version 1.3.1 is goo for me who use it as a main transportation in daily life, but I still expect that one day the maximum speed will reach 25km/Hr because 18km/hr is enough for my right now. Thanks
  7. I have already updated FW version 1.3.1 to all of my Ninebot mini but they are riden under the first 50km range. So, a speed is limited and beep when I ride faster than 15km/hr. This make me don't know if it will significantly get rid of a beeping and leaning back problem. However, when I ride backward, there is no more beeping, that's a good point. I will use my 400km range to test a new firmware tomorrow and will report here. This is my new Ninebot mini after updating FW to 1.3.1 but it doesn't pass the first 50km yet. I gonna show you if it is better than 1.2.8 but if it worst, that's my really big problem because I have already upgrade all my ninebot mini to 1.3.1
  8. Hi, this maybe a good new! The Ninebot has just launched the latest firmware version 1.3.1 and I've finished upgrading just now! However, my new Segway Mini hasn't passed the first 50km yet, so, I don't know if a speed limit will different from the pervious version or not. I will post a result when I try with the others, but at least, there is no more annoying alarm when ride backward! This is after upgrading
  9. Is it true that the Ninebot Elite battery must be charged every time after using it? The manual said Do not allow the battery pack to completely discharge, instead charge the battery pack when it reaches 10–20% charge. But it also said that Charge the battery every time you stop using the PTR. This is not clear, if I ride the Ninebot Elite only 2 minute per week and the battery level is 60-80%. Do I still need to charge the battery or should I wait until it reaches 10-20% to charge. A shop where I bought told me to charge it every time after using, no matter how much the battery level is decreased, it's quite hard to believe. Or it is an intelligent battery that can adjust its discharge rate automatically, please enlighten me. Thanks
  10. Hi, I have just got 5 new ninebot mini for business purpose and this is its firmware version 1.1.9. I can't find any information about this version, but I won't upgrade to 1.2.8 for sure.Does anyone ever tried 1.1.9? Any suggestion?
  11. Thanks to Dennis and Alexander too! Without your help, I will never ride the Ninebot mini again. Best regard from Thailand,