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Be careful near water! Dead 9bot!


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Quick story  posted as a warning.

My E U C mentor has his beloved 9bot with over 3000 Ks now DOA!

We live on the Med sea and have a over flow pond that a board walk follows for about a mile.

Great place to uni!

He is VERY skilled, backwards one foot slalom, extream off road, over I meter off ledge jump drops, ect.

While dismounting all alone he lost hand grip and the EUC drove itself into the pond!

Very freak accident as he explains!

He quickly recovered, compleatly disassembled, warm blow dryer thinking all was OK.

When turned on poof, now fully dead.


Even very skilled riders can have a mishap, this time killing a good unit, but could have MAYBE under different circumstances caused harm to someone!!

Be careful out there!


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Thanks for sharing that warning, and my commiserations to your mentor. I too, always ride with a strap, like @nute , as I don't want it rolling off out of control.  There are places I ride, where a loose wheel could go off shear cliffs *, off sea walls (possibly onto a sunbathers head) , or, as in your story, into the sea. I know a strap is not COOL looking, but, at 55 years old, I've seen, or been in many, " didn't see that coming" scenarios.  I try to reduce the chances of them, whenever possible.

* note: the out of control wheel could go off a cliff, not the rider. 

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