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Wanted 18" wheel


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(Bought V2) I'm looking for a good used (or new) 18" wheel, ideally a Gotway Msuper V2 HT version or would consider a V3 or other 18" wheel. Must be in excellent condition with low miles and no faults. 


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Thanks Hunka. I did put it in the header but it's hard to see, so I'm in the UK in the PE6 (Peterborough) area. The one you mention looks great but is in the US I believe, and would cost a fortune to ship, not to mention the falling value of the GB pound since brexit!


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Hello Bobby,


I have a gotway Msuper V2 HT LS  like you are looking for.

It is about half a year old, and drove just a bit over 200km on it.

It has fallen a few times, so he is not totally undamaged on the outside.

I bought a trolley handle for the Msuper also, the original one ( the offer said ).

The reason for selling is that i don't use it that offen as i like to.

The wheel in my opinion is the best for off road riding, very powefull, and stabil and very good for hill climbing.

Without the beeps a can drive around 22km, above they start beeping.

I'm not confindent to put the beeps off, because i had 2 times already almost a face plant.

The beeps are for me the safety -  and top speed, but in with the 3rd beeps he drives around 28km.

A have also an inmotion, with the top speed of 24 km, and is faster than the gotway ( without beeping ).

So for commuting mostly i use the inmotion, and for forrest rides and off road i use the Msuper ( but not that often ).

Maybe you are interested in the wheel, i live in holland, an can send the wheel i suppose if interested.

Under my wheel in action, to get an idea off the wheel.

Maybe you find you're wheel already, otherwhise you can contact me.

Greetz, Gerard




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Bought a V2, thanks all who replied.

My old beat up IPS 16" wheel is available cheap. It works well and would be great for learning the basics. Collect from PE6 9JD in the UK.


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