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  1. Like Donald I'm using a Rockshox RT3 200 x 57 shock. It was easy to fit although I had to make 12 x 15mm bushings because the eye size is 1mm larger. I think this shock works really well throughout the speed range. It has a firm ride and feels planted at all times, also quiet in use. A word of caution though, if you try it in the locked position the lever is upright and may catch the tail lamp lens. This is easily solved by filing a bit off to make it shorter.
  2. Bobby


    Bruce, I'm 70 in December and have been riding for 10 years. Four weeks ago I got my new King Song S18 suspension wheel to replace my ageing Gotway. It is awesome, being agile fast and comfortable! You might consider a suspension wheel (3 choices now) to take the shock out of your dodgy knee?
  3. Hey, while you're still battle testing you could spray this panel with Plasti Dip (or similar) rubber paint, and peel it off later when you're ready for the art!
  4. Gibby I have an MsuperV2 that I am thinking of upgrading to msp or similar. It is in good condition and has been 100% reliable for the few years I have owned it. It's a great wheel to learn on and quite capable with 1000w motor, 23 mph and big 18" wheel. £350? Oh yeah, I live not far from you just north Of Peterborough. Cheers Bob
  5. https://www.driving.co.uk/news/electric-scooters-road-legal/
  6. Grep My opinion is 'don't do it'. People are getting ripped off all the time through bank transfer scams. I' not saying this is a scam but why take the risk? Use your credit card or paypal through the official site. Bob
  7. Bought a V2, thanks all who replied. My old beat up IPS 16" wheel is available cheap. It works well and would be great for learning the basics. Collect from PE6 9JD in the UK. Bob
  8. Thank you. I don't think they will mail to the UK but I'll keep an eye on it. Cheers
  9. Thanks Hunka. I did put it in the header but it's hard to see, so I'm in the UK in the PE6 (Peterborough) area. The one you mention looks great but is in the US I believe, and would cost a fortune to ship, not to mention the falling value of the GB pound since brexit! Cheers
  10. (Bought V2) I'm looking for a good used (or new) 18" wheel, ideally a Gotway Msuper V2 HT version or would consider a V3 or other 18" wheel. Must be in excellent condition with low miles and no faults. Cheers
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