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  1. http://partner.tieba.com/mo/q/movideo/page?thumbnail_url=http%3A%2F%2Fimgsrc.baidu.com%2Fforum%2FeWH%3D480%2C276%2Fsign%3D5749bfd39a2397ddc413e5096dba829b%2Fd01373f082025aaf967ef8fff0edab64034f1ab1.jpg&video_url=http%3A%2F%2Ftb-video.bdstatic.com%2Ftieba-smallvideo%2F7_065b96ebc4d6475e4fb3d245562127dc.mp4&product=tieba-movideo cant wait... better have a big battery pack though. they could put two extra 800wh battery packs on top of the monster handle and hide it inside a seat type enclosure.
  2. What happened to your Msuper @Marty Backe? bring it to the GTG I want to try and see what the oscillation is, might just be a normal thing. I dont take curbs at 20mph. I slow down a great deal in fact before I take dips or sudden inclines.
  3. You'll see me there if I can make it. I got a new office in Downtown so there's a bunch of moving involved. Btw I found another trail on western ave or st in glendale. think its by the japanese garden.
  4. Man, that sucks @Marty Backe ... Did Gotway give you an estimate on when they'll send you a new control board? I'm going to do what @jrkline suggested and solder the control wires together without and get rid of the connectors. Also, I'm going to order a couple of wire insulators to go over the existing wires individually, actual heat insulators used on turbo oil lines in cars. There will be better times. Cheers Man, sw
  5. I'm just wondering if there's any news on whats coming next? I like how comfortable the gotway monster is but dont want to buy one right now if another one is coming out soon. I will need to buy a more comfortable wheel for my long trips. Maybe I'll try to find a used 1600wh monster for cheap and buy a v2 monster if it ever comes out. Also, why dont we ever get a black colored monster?
  6. it would be nice if it had built in Air conditioning
  7. Looks like a winner... Now if we can only find ourselves a guinea pig
  8. I had lots on fun today. Thanks for joining me guys. Awesome video Andy!
  9. Thanks for your suggestions guys. We'll start the cruise earlier. The arrival time has been edited to 9:00 AM this Sunday. I'll see you all there.
  10. Great Marty! Well, there will be some ups and downs but mostly flat. yes. Also, there'll be a lot of dirt paths with bumps. We don't have to go too fast, whatever feels safe.
  11. Hi there, I'll be hosting an electric unicycle cruise this weekend on Sunday. If you're interested let me know. We will meet up at the RC field in Van Nuys at 9:00 AM. https://goo.gl/maps/xYLCj6YGaDr Expect average speeds of 20 mph if congestion is low. Also, you can stay as long as you'd like. We will most likely do over 30 miles around Lake Balboa Park, Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve, and all the way up to Topanga State Park, if your wheel has enough battery left in it. ARRIVAL TIME EDITED TO 9:00 AM @nbxpq3 @Sketch @Roll Model @enigma35 @csmyers @jrkline @noisycarlos @Questor @swvision @Ando Melkonyan @abinder3 @captainwells @Tjtripp @Sven @unowheel @HeavyGoing @Marty Backe
  12. I want one. When will it be for sale?
  13. marty did you get your msuper yet? ive been thinking about doing a group thing in my area
  14. Haha! I'm actually waiting for something that has more range than @jrkline's World Famous ACM. For instance, something like a 5000wh monster would let me do well over 200 miles on single charge. It would be great to see EUC's geared more towards being vehicles rather than just leisure play toys; They need to step their game up. Also, I got a quick hour charge on my wheel when I left you guys at the park which brought the wheel up to 44% battery life. Got home around midnight...But yeah, having range anxiety kills all the fun out of having/riding an electric unicycle.
  15. O second thought, cant make it...I've been wanting to do a group run for a while now. Will to be moving to silverlake soon...Should be up and running by next week.
  16. I couldn't make it, looks like I missed the most epic ride.
  17. when i rode marty's monster the first thing I noticed was of how comfortable it wheel was. It feels like your riding on a Bentley, super smooth. And as for the nose tilting, its nearly impossible to do that to a Gotway unless you really try. I'm going to buy one too but I'm hoping they come out with one that has 3500wh and black shell. Maybe in a year...Monster v2
  18. Best thing to do with the 84v or any other euc is to use the egg app and keep an eye out for either the voltage drop or the battery percentage while accelerating on your wheel, that's what I do. When you are at 20% battery and you see that when you go over 15mph the battery drops to 10%, for example. That just means you have to reduce speed. It's very important to keep track of this or there will be a cut out and youll go flying off your wheel.
  19. sorry @JimB I had no intention of assigning negative connotations to any of the wheel brands accept the airwheel and solowheel for obvious reasons. Also, there is no ass in there. You have two chickens, kangaroo, monkey, a horse, a goat, a calf, and a bear. ok @Coffee guy I'll make another one this weekend and post it.
  20. Well, I got it through aliexpress and china post for only $20. What I really need is a second wheel. The Gt16 Rockwheel looked great but from what I'm hearing about it on this forum is just bad news. I also ordered a co2 quick tire and tube patch kit. So, if something happens by myself or in a group ill be more equipped to help anyone with their wheel. https://www.amazon.com/Innovations-Tire-Repair-Inflation-Wallet/dp/B00JL90KR4
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