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  1. Many countries and leaders are lagging behind. Certainly here in Europe, many think it is just the flu. This is the case for some, but others become very ill. Unfortunately, before the people believe it is menes, it is usually too late to prevent a disaster. I also notice that in Holland, all restuarant gyms and all kinds of public space are closing. Then there are people who sit together. While the king and the minister say keep a distance of 1 1/2 meters and be safe. But also the cabinet says stay indoors, no social contact - if necessary, take care of parents sick / weak aunt or something. I work in mental health care, so I have to leave home. With my wheel I go to work through the forest, I see the 10-fold walking-cycling-running in the forest as on a normal Sunday. Young people sit together comfortably. Groups of 10 or more people are close together. That testifies to terrible naivety, if not stupidity! I can't look at it more than shaking my head. The province of Brabant is already a source of fire, fear that it is only a matter of time before it looks like Spain here if people do not start to see the seriousness of this virus. Time will tell. Fortunately, I barely saw people on the street today when I wheeled back and forth from work. I wish all wheelers here and their country much strength. And above all a great togetherness and willingness, that egoism may bleed to death in a time like this. TOSHIO UEMURA: Great respect for your comments here on things people write in response to your post. I admire the spirituality you seem to have. If that is average behavior for the Japanese people, you are a fine society.
  2. We are aloud till now to do things outside. Lot of people run, or just walk or cycle because it's possible. Like said earlier, it's a metter of time before we HAVE to be inside. And you only allowed to go to the supermarket. They say here was hands for 40 seconds, when you go out, and go in somewhere.
  3. Virus is spreading fast, Spain - Portugal - Italie - France - Belgium for example are under lockdown. Probably a metter off time when other european country's wil follow. England thinks- just as holland did - that it doesn't go that fast,but it does. On the wheel in the forrrest is probably safe, and still possible. Untill you have to be at home like in Spain and more. Be careful when it comes that far, police will be not soft then.
  4. Now my KS 18S again after 2 years load for the full 100% , repaired by 1radwerkstatt I had 4 wheels. That was quite a lot, someone from our app group was looking for a used wheel. Given that the ACM was the oldest wheel with the most km's, I decided to sell it to him. The KS 18S had driven less than 500 km, the msx is the newest (almost 4000 km on it), and also a monster on the operating table. The ACM is sold with the agreement that if I regret it, I can buy it back. But the KS and the MSX are such fine wheels that I'm afraid the ACM is gone forever. The fact remains that I think the ACM is a very nice wheel, and I have enjoyed 7500 km of it immensely. It was my 1st "real" wheel, with great speed and great distance possibilitys. Partly due to flawless functioning, my faith in gotway and myself on a wheel is great. I wish all (ACM) riders many nice kilometers!
  5. Hi Kindlygo, In Spain there are euc riders in various cities, certainly in madrid and Valancia are various riders. Was there in April, and met several. riders there If you live in the neighborhood of madrid or valencia the v10 or nicola might bepossible to try through riders there. Demargon and RoberAce are 2 drivers in madrid, maybe you can get in touch with them through the forum. And they can help you choose a successive wheel. You can also search by country in the forum, so search the Spanish riders on the forum. But beware with this sport, once under the spell you can hardly go back. Upgrading within 2 months is a bad sign for the future. That already looks like wheel addiction, like many here. Hope you help this further, good luck.
  6. Ja, zeker, zo zijn ze. In Nederland is de politie heeel goed in verouderde en achterhaalde wetten toch te handhaven. dan zeggen ze: ja, het mag nu 1maal niet. En al is het grijs, dan mag het van de motor agent toch vaak niet.
  7. Sorry to hear that Ivan, Did he write an amount with the fine? I was once fined for my EUC (and wheel seized), and brought it to court. In short, I was right, and did not have to pay anything, and wheel back. That is of course different for every judge, I think. Are you going to pay or let it happen? As far as I know, you are the first in the Netherlands to be fined with an article in your pocket and insurance, unfortunately.
  8. In the Netherlands i can be as rainy as in England. Never let the wheel stay, soft rain, hard rain, very wet streets, never had any problem. Acm - monster and msx are enough protected against rain. Did nothing extra to protect the wheel against rain. See this,
  9. You just a small stap before me meep Got the same person in mind. But can’t find this video.
  10. Today i saw this French shop that sells the Uniwheel. So for people who are interested the link. https://www.mobilityurban.fr/roue-electrique-1/roue-electrique-gotway/roue-electrique-uniwheel.html
  11. Hello mikemarz88, On aliexpress they do seel the acm shell, not cheep unfortunatly. But if you wanne have a good sheel it's something to over think. As you probably now, the acm is no more in production. So it's maybe rare to find a shell by now, follow the link. https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/GotWay-ACM16-The-full-range-of-electric-unicycle-original-accessories-shell-motherboar-Tyre-inner-tube-16inch/32830253642.html?spm=a2g0z.12057483.0.0.19082aad16b9V8 This shop under don't sell them, but maybe he can help u further? http://shop.euc.nyc/Parts Maybe you can get just the part where the port is in. Replace the hole shell is as far as i can see on the picture not really necesary. Hope you find a solution for this, good luck!
  12. Yesterday i helped a friend to learn to ride the EUC. He is the 1st one in my erea - in 3 years of riding now - that had the guts to try it. Within the 1st practise off about 30 minutes, this is the result
  13. Hoi Handyandy, Als je een monster wil leren rijden is 7 km echt niet genoeg. NA een dikke 100 km of meer kan je een beetje weten hoe het wiel reageert. En snap je meer hoe je met zo’n groot wiel stuurt - bochten neemt - remt enz. Jammer dat je het wiel geen kans geeft, in Nederland rijden 6/7 monsters rond. Allen rijders ervaren het wiel - naar de leercurve - het als een erg prettig wiel. Heeel misschien is het een idee om jezelf wat meer aan het wiel te laten wennen. Ook niet zo’n net commentaar op een niet koper Hoe dan ook - succes.
  14. Yves Mathieu alias Hansolo films most off the paris (big) group rides. Search for The 1st, and you have a lot of choices also. Good Luck.
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