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  1. gotmotion2016

    ACM revieuw after 7000 km

    Thank you Heyzeus, good that you didn't believe the crap she write on there site. I agree with Rywokast that they look like kingsong fanpeoples. They don't sell gotway at all, to judge a wheel by its appearance and probably less then a 100 km ride is not smart. For me the wheel has proved it self, by what i wrote. No, in rain don't cover anything. Just ride and ride and ride. The wheel looks good to me, after 7000km inside a bit dust, no rust or other things to worry Hope you enjoy the ACM for a long while, and can enjoy it a much a i did/do.
  2. gotmotion2016

    ACM revieuw after 7000 km

    Thank you winterwheel. You're ACM is risilient too, snow - ice - freezing cold is what he have to handle. Congratulations already, because the 4000 is almost there
  3. gotmotion2016

    ACM revieuw after 7000 km

    After 7000 km and 20 months after purchase - my thoughts about this wheel I bought - during a production series with some problems. My serie must belong to the good series, but I have driven the 1st hundreds of kms with full protection. This turned out to be all right with regard to the failures of earlier procedures at this wheel. I have driven 7000 km with the wheel without any problems. Due to pouring rain - freezing cold - all kinds of off road paths - and on empty good straight roads at speed. The acm did everything without giving a shot, and did what was expected of him. Since it is the 1600wh version I could always be sure of sufficient power during a ride. And for very long journeys, a 5A fast charger is fine. After 7000 km I thought it was time to renew the tire. That was also the 1st time I opened the wheel. Added some photos of the inside, and some extra. For me, the acm is an absolute winner, and despite several wheels now I am still very happy with this wheel. The wheel is robust, has fallen - slid - bounced dozens of times and is still intact.For me the best all round wheel today. Fairly light, easy on the train, handy with shopping, light enough to lift stairs. And suitable for all surfaces, and large range also.Have never regretted this purchase, have not used the car for thousands of kilometers by the wheel.Think the wheel will only go away when it is no longer willing or able.
  4. gotmotion2016


    I must admit that we are very lucky and thankfull that we have such a good infrastucture in the Netherlands. II can imagine that The Netherlands can be a pain in the ... to drive trough. That is why i do most things on the EUC nowerdays
  5. gotmotion2016


    Maybe it is that we are less " scared" of the machine, and learned to trust the wheel And that we've learned to look good ahead of us. Most off the time with an accident the human is the failurre and not the machine. Almost all accidents with me and the riders here is a human failurre, most of the time we learn from it. ( from where in Belgium are you? and what do you ride?)
  6. gotmotion2016


    Belgium is a different county then the Netherlands/Holland. Ir_fuel is from Belgium and make's him Belgium. And Yes, only the Netherlands counts as Dutch ( as far as i now ). The flemisch part of Belgium speaks dutch too with a dialect- very elegant. The Walloon part off Belgium speaks French.Belgium have 2 languases - parts, but one goverment.
  7. gotmotion2016


    I can't talk for the others, but it's likely they will think that sometimes - and me too And no, a motorbike is qiut different than a EUC, wat is the same is when you fall you're screwed - or not. There is a helmet duty on a motor bike and moped and speedbike/pedelec. But there is no helmet duty on a electric bike or moped with speed till 30. Lots of people buy a "slow" bike or moped, and make it faster and drive without helmet. Why ? Because they/we do. Since a short while we get in touch with a group of onewheelers, most of them wear helmets and more. Don't have an answer for the advocate question, just no that most off the EUC riders we know don't wear a helmet. Probebly something really bad must happen before we/me gonna wear safety gear
  8. gotmotion2016


    Thank you Ir_fuel, like more people you like to think also that we are crazy of wearing no helmet and other protection. But wat most of the not dutch people don't now, is that we are born with a bike between our legs . That we have the biggest- safest and longest bike path network in the world, with manly good asfalt or sidewalk tiles. There where there is no cycle path, we are allowed to ride on the left side of the road. The traffic rules are -the smaller and vulnerable the road user the more rights they have. So if a car goes to te right, the bike/pedestrian have priority - and that is with most of the situation. When we want to ride an EUC, we "just" have to learn to ride the wheel. To ride in all kind off traffic conditions is in our system, we are raised with it. We used to ride in all kinds of weather ( snow - ice - rain - wind - freezing cold ), with more than 1 person on a bike - cargo bike - with groceries - with planks etc. So our skills off riding a bike and in our traffic is more advanced then averidge i think. That translating to a EUC is not that different then on a bike. And YES, ofcourse it's always more save to wear a helmet an other safety gear. The wheels of today are pretty safe, and most of the time the rider is the faillure - not the wheel. There is no law that say we have to wear when that law comes - we will ride with helmet ( and maybe more ). A few video's that explain MAYBE a bit where we came from