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  1. Hi Rodo, Of course there are EUCs in the Netherlands. There are about 55 EUC riders in our app group, which is not to say there are more. Unfortunately, an EUC is not legal in the Netherlands, so you cannot immediately say that they are illegal. Recently, a rider repurchased his own confiscated wheel at a government site. A wheel that was taken because it would be forbidden to ride on a public road. He also had a fine of E500 for that. The same government does confiscate the prohibited means of transport. Another rider also had a take-in of his Monster
  2. I think that is still a bit early to determine. I may come back to that later.
  3. Maybe I'm a bit too easy or too mellow, I'll leave that in the middle. I'm not into - if - or - it can be, and more of those doubts. Until now I have had no problem with loading, no sparks, fire or anything. As with my other wheels, I am always at home when they are on the charger. The wheel works fine with driving, tiltback functions fine and the rest likewise. YES, I know none of this is a guarantee. I notice it automatically with loading or driving if I have it at the wrong end. Call it naive or call it irresponsible, but this is what it is.
  4. Hello riders, Since I have little use of the wheel, and little use, I have decided to sell the wheel. I still mostly preferred a gotway wheel with the corresponding freedom, over the restrictions with kingsong wheels. Kingsong KS18S, purchased in August 2017, with 1680WH battery. Unfortunately the wheel no longer charges to 100%, at 75% the wheel does not charge further. Then you have about a battery of 1260WH left. If you do not drive continuously at full speed, you have a range of about 50 to 60 km. The wheel is not unlocked up to 50km, always have a fight wi
  5. In Brussels there was a car free sunday on 22 september 2019. Several plev's were riding trough brussels in a big group.
  6. Summary of demonstration legalization for plevs in europe / germany. For where plevs are not (yet) legal. The event took place in Berlin.
  7. Yes, meepmeep, you are totally right. if you are already interested, then you should have something done for the price anyway. They are both certainly no longer worth the asking price - even if they are new. As a seller you can of course try that. What I wanted to point out is that there is someone else who seems to be selling them. So if you are very interested, there may be a possibility to buy one.
  8. On a beautiful autumn day during a test drive. Monster with new case and V3 motherboard. No more gotway dancing when he falls!
  9. Hello dear riders, I have a Gotway Mten3 for sale. The wheel has just driven 14 km and is still in new condition. I bought the wheel for fun and thought I would use it for short parts. But also to practice more tricks and the like. Practice shows that I hardly use the wheel in 3 months. I think that's a shame, so I hope that someone else can enjoy it more. Since the wheel is still as good as new, 575 euros seems a reasonable price to me. I have included the shipping box, charger is of course include
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