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A great V8 video from South Africa

Greg Spalding

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1 hour ago, MaxLinux said:

How 'bout that Firewheel? It seems to be one of the companies fading out of existence like Solowheel, Airwheel, Rockwheel.

i imagine that even 5 years from now the EUC landscape will be incredibly different than it is today

i'm excited to see where TIME will take us

but, at 54 years of age.... it's time for me to PLAY NOW.... and not worry about what the future holds

29 minutes ago, z3n said:

I think it is Thailand :P

eek.... i saw the ".za" URL and thought SOUTH AFRICA.... what the ZA was part of the name of the gentleman involved with that YouTube acct.

i'm an IDIOT.... sorry :D

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