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Almost faceplant...


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Hi there

After a ride by car, a friend of mine opened the trunk and my little baby fell off of it... (Off course accidentally - I don't blame him). My EUC hit the ground many times, and nothing happened till then, so this time I though it'll be the same. So... I turned it on, stepped on the pedals and.... boom. After few desparate rescue long steps almost faceplantted. It completely lost X-axis balance keeping! )))-: 

I returned home by foot, carring it in my hand. Checked that:

1. after a 1-2 sec. after switching on, there is little power from motor to keep the balance, but after that the power declines to 0.

2. when I lift the wheel up, instead of accelerating the wheel and stopping for safety the engine, nothing happens. It did accelerated before, when I fell from it.

I unscrewed the side panel, but the main board looks ok. The same with the battery. 

I suspect that something happened to the gyro but I'm not electrician... )-:

Anyone could HELP??? Which part is damaged / needs to be replaced?? PLEASE

Enclosing the short movie of my EUC problem. )))-;


Best regards 


Leqishi aka Icewheel damage.mp4

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Thank you all of you guys. 

Next short video maybe a little more helpful. 

I bought it when I was in China in February. Together with the wheel there is a remote - with 4 buttons. Button "A" - LED ligths mode, Button "B" - frontlight, "C" - horn and "D" - not sure, but Chinese seller told me it turns on/off the balance (I don't know if X-axis or Y-axis). When pushed for a few seconds, the wheel accelerated to the huge speed itself uncontrollably, so after one "attempt" I seldom used it.

On the flick attached please take a look, how the wheel behaves now (after pushing "D" button). Additionally, (it is not visible on the flick) the battery indicator can drop from max to 0 in one second, and after few seconds from 0 back to max.

Maybe this will bring something to your mind (-:

PS. Please remember that it fell off while turned OFF.

Balance damage.mp4

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20 hours ago, Essperto said:



The tire seems to be not in the middle of the casing - could it be, that the tire has quite a resistance scraping at the casing?

As the people already wrote - you could check with a multimeter if the battery is gone or the motherboard. Reconnect the battery and check all the connections, too...

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@Essperto sorry to hear what happened.  Hope somebody can help you out.  However, please note the following section in the forum rules regarding your video attachments:


This forum is hosted on a server where the total disk space cap is relatively low.  Therefore every forum member's account also has a cap on total disk usage.  For this reason it is encouraged that you put your large images on reliable external sites such as imgur.com (or equivalent) and embed it back into your posts.  For imgur, If you want to embed the photo into your post, make sure to use the "Direct Link" instead of the "Image Link" given by imgur.  Needless to say, videos go to YouTube (or equivalent) and can be embedded back into your posts here.



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