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MCM* & ACM Batteries Compatible?


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I'm searching for the battery packs for my ACM.  Gotway's Alibaba website has two battery packs, but it doesn't list compatibility with the ACM either because the text wasn't edited or they are not compatible.  

Can you guys give me a hand and take a look at your batteries and compare them to the ACM and the battery packs online?  

Here are the two battery packs I found:




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Now that Li-Ion batteries are becoming more of an issue for shipping and airline regulations, I can foresee many sad riders without their EUCs, exploring new places very slowly.  


With these new regulations coming our way, let's share battery information so we can have a workaround until us humans figure out how to ship and fly without problems.


For me, I am working with someone locally in-country that will build the battery pack.


I have found some information below, and I hope this doesn't violate any forum rules, but if so, please let me know how to fix it:


1.  First, below is a video of the GotWay ACM 16 that shows the battery compartment and a good view of the battery label.


2.  Second is a video of a battery pack they are repairing.  I think this is only half of the battery pack.


3.  To repeat what Lin said above, ".. ACM and Msuper V3 battery are the same. Both 680wh and 820wh are with 2 packs of batteries."


4.  I talked over the phone with Chris from 1RadWerkstatt who has already tried shipping Li-Ion battery packs to Israel on three different occasions, but they were all denied.  He was more than happy to share any battery advice and configuration with me in hopes that I would be able to supply my GotWay ACM 16 with a new life.


5.  I also attached a PDF and picture of the batteries that they used in the video:  59V/410ah.  I google searched the cell name on the label of the battery.


6.  I will be cross-posting this to other posts that relate to this topic.  It was a little frustrating to find this information so I hope this helps someone out there.  Thanks to Lin and Chris for helping me.





GotWay ACM 16 Battery Cell ncr18650ga.pdf

GotWay ACM 16 Battery Label.jpeg

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