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Better way to brake?

Citi Wheel

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So when slowing down, I've been trying something new recently. Instead of just leaning back, I'm been doing a squat to shift the center of gravity backward. There are a pros and cons of braking this way.


1) Pedestrians can tell you're trying to slow down. I've noticed just leaning back can be a very subtle movement for pedestrian at crosswalks to discern. They aren't always sure you are stopping for them. When you are squating back, it's easier for them to immediately recognize you're trying to slow down for them. 

2) Other EUC riders can tell you're slowing down. When me and my buddy were riding our ninebots, we've had a few close calls where he or I couldn't tell that the other was slowing down. Newer EUC's with tail lights may not have this problem though.

3) Harder to overlean. Sometimes I get too aggresive with the braking and there has been 2 times when the ninebot gave out and landed hard. It's tougher to be aggressive with the braking, when you are squating to brake.


1) It feels/looks kinda weird doing it. One time, a guy said it looked like I was trying to take a dump lol.

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Very interesting concept. I am sure you do get some interesting looks. What ever works best! I prefer to use hand signals much like a bicycle to alert others of my intentions. @HunkaHunkaBurningLove would love to see that squatting technique performed by a beautiful blonde in front of him. Sure he would loose his balance!;)


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