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  1. Interesting, for a long time I have not visited this forum and recently started to get emails because of this followed thread from 2016 Well, I'm still happily riding my KS16 (some 9000 km) and I'm intentionally holding my desire for bigger and faster wheel. Reasons: 1. I prefer to ride with minimum protection gear - gloves and helmet (sometimes only gloves) and I'm aware that speed over 20 km/h is tricky to step out/overrun which inevitably means fall down. 2. My wheel is 17 kg and I comfortably care it up stairs, which would not be the case with 24 kg wheel (the current KS 16 inches per example). 3. I do not need rides more than 10-15 km and then for this range speed up to 30 km/h is enough for me. Time saving is not significant for such ranges. 4. Most of the time wherever I go, I'm still the only one EUC rider, so what is the point to ride faster when there is no competition (or envy). 5. Last but not least, doing my other adrenaline hobby motor paragliding when flying close to the ground and after some incidents I realized that 30 km/h is kind of the body limit not to get devastated by touching the ground. Ride safe and enjoy the ride
  2. DS


    It seems to me that since you had some police disturbing your trips in the town, you both got better in freestyle&tricks The EUC's have so many applications.
  3. DS


    This video is kind of "We love Russia", but I found it very useful as a reminder how important a strong protection gear is at such a speed. The guy survived without a slight body scratch!
  4. DS


    Well...next time you could EUC block even narrower wooden bridge and hang around printouts
  5. DS


    Nice video and enjoyable riding At 6:49 I've heard that EUC grew popularity in China and UK...I would say France instead of UK, since in UK (AFAIK) EUCs are forbidden to ride on the streets/sidewalks, not to mention the numerous EUC meet-ups in France.
  6. DS


    Here is a related article I found useful http://www.secretsofsurvival.com/survival/dog_attack.html
  7. DS


    You might get it wrong. The video with chasing dog is not mine. I ride KS16 and usually outrun dogs but in this case I was not aware of it. Wearing a thick winter hat and ski glasses made me a bit distant from the reality I already ordered two ultrasonic dog repellers and while waiting for them I'm considering to play continuously ultrasonic sound from the KS16 speakers...which might is not so clever idea provided that I will stress ALL the dogs passing by.
  8. DS


    Quite opposite in my case. As you can see from the pic a have some skin injury but nothing on my double layers pants except the dog's saliva traces. "Grabbed on and held on. Threw me right to the ground. I also didn't make a big deal of it, ....." Wow, that sounds serious. I'm afraid I would be much more aggressive than you in such a situation...not to the lady but to the dog Mine tetanus vaccination is from 2010, but in this case the teeth did not penetrate through the cloth...I believe. Thanks for reminding
  9. DS


    A similar situation happened to me today but instead of barking - bite to my calf. Nothing serious, just made me consider that I'm actually more vulnerable to untrained dogs while EUC riding because otherwise most of the dogs are afraid of me This one came very silent from behind and I realized of it's presence by hearing some shouts "NO, NO, NO", just before the bite. Did not bother to take any action towards the female owner, not much sense, I just flew away.
  10. UGH! That has been 3 months! Maybe your country pissed off the Chinese or something! The Chinese love Trump so my order should come quick! Same here, I also have several items ordered from Aliexpress back in November and early Dec...ahhh
  11. Yes, it happens. I usually don't use the bell when I see I'll be able to overtake pedestrians safely. But when you can not go around them because of a restricted or fully occupied path, you may want to warn the people somehow. What usually happens is that they free some space (not always the expected one ) and then you can use it.
  12. DS

    KingSong KS 16S

    I was in similar situation last year and the practice shows that the newest model appears somewhere in April-May time frame.
  13. For warning pedestrians, I have used many signals through Bluetooth and finally I use the simplest bike bell attached to my finger. The most appropriate reaction from pedestrians is from the sound of this bell. Also, it's much easier to ring it without the need to look at any screen while riding.
  14. Successfully updated to v1.23 from 1.22 There was no need to unlock the speed, the settings remained the same. Yeah, no more flickering lights and the wheel is somewhat harder to overlean. Got to be more careful not to burn the fuse. I did 15 km trip and performance was overall very well.
  15. No Hunka, it was not me. I also read that post but unfortunately can't remember who wrote it.
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