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[SOLD] King Song 14" 800w 680wh KS14C Red in Hawaii - $600


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I'll be on vacation in Hawaii for a month and wanted to have an eWheel during my stay so I shipped over a brand new KS14C 800w 680wh in red. Shipping is expensive, so I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing the KS14c after I'm done using it. I would take good care not to damage it, so it would be a lightly used wheel. It will be available for purchase anytime after Sep. 12 but potential buyers would be welcome to check out the wheel anytime prior. New, they're going for over $1045 at electricunicyclereviews.com but that doesn't include shipping to HI. Also, I've read from other members that it can be somewhat challenging to get a vendor to ship to HI, so here's your chance to grab one at almost half price. Asking $old picked up locally in Kauai.

The wheel is currently in Kauai, I'll update with pics of the actual wheel when I arrive later this week.


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