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Found 16 results

  1. SOLD! Virginia Selling KS18-XL with Roll.nz cover $1400+Shipping 900 miles, but I am still riding it so that will go up. First wheel, but looking to upgrade. Minor scrapes on pedals and handle, but under the cover it is nearly perfect. I also have original box. *Update, eWheels offered to help with shipping since I ordered my replacement wheel with them so I am willing to ship within CONUS. Pics: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahf-gkgV4Ulxg9I9u9jRNmHesz8lSw?e=sFr1dE For the safety folks out there, I have adequate safety gear now :D.
  2. Hi I have Inmotion V10f in good condition normal usage, technically 100% ok. Full set with charger and original box. It has about 5000 km and still rise, as I am using this wheel. V10f can go about 40 km/h. Battery is 1000 Wh so real range with speed 20-25 for 90 kg rider, it is about 45-50 km. Possible to pay via paypal, I can ship from Poland or Germany. Shipment to Europe shipping cost depend from country from 10 to 50 Euro.
  3. Hello dear riders, I have a Gotway Mten3 for sale. The wheel has just driven 14 km and is still in new condition. I bought the wheel for fun and thought I would use it for short parts. But also to practice more tricks and the like. Practice shows that I hardly use the wheel in 3 months. I think that's a shame, so I hope that someone else can enjoy it more. Since the wheel is still as good as new, 575 euros seems a reasonable price to me. I have included the shipping box, charger is of course include
  4. Hi I have GotWay Tesla V1 in good condition normal usage, technically 100% ok. Full set with charger and original box. It has about 2100 km and still rise, as I am using this wheel. Tesla can go about 50 km/h. Battery is 1000 Wh so real range with speed 20-25 for 90 kg rider, it is about 45 km + 20% of battery but then You need to decrease speed to 15 km/h. Possible to pay via paypal, I can ship from Poland or Germany. Shipment to Europe shipping cost depend from country from 10 to 50 Euro.
  5. MTen3 from ewheels. Warranty good through Dec 2020. Some scratches on the pedals, not a single scratch on the body. Never dropped or crashed. Barely ridden. 9 miles on odometer. Was going to use this for my son to learn on but decided this was too nice and will pick up a beater for him.
  6. Hi All, I am looking to upgrade my V8F to a more powerful wheel. Would do trade plus cash or sell the V8F for $800 plus shipping or local pick up. The wheel is in great condition, I think I am a second owner. Less then 200 miles on it. Some scratches, but still looks good. The wheel is awesome, I'm just hitting a lot of beeps as I am getting more confident and feel like I need something faster with greater range. Budget is an issue in these hard times. So I am looking to trade the v8f and add $200-$400. Don't know if this is possible, but decided to give it a try anyway. @Marty B
  7. I am helping sell my coworker's Ninebot One E+. He recent got a used V1 Monster in addition to his Ninebot Z10 so now he got to let this one go or his wife will get him . This is a learner wheel so it has all the battle scars one should expect. He learned on it and was nice enough to let me learn on it when I first started. Attached are pics of EUCworld and Ninebot App for mileage. My fiancee is currently practicing on it so mileage can be up slightly. I will update for the potential buyer. http://imgur.com/a/ycFyTOX Wheel pics https://imgur.com/a/p5nKLjj Included is
  8. Thinking of selling my Gotway Tesla, its beat to hell and the lights no longer work, but she runs and drives perfectly. If anyone is interested let me know, thank you. Open to trades and will post pictures as requested.
  9. This wheel runs great is very strong and has low miles, it has been dropped a few but nothing too serious and the handle is broke (it broke in my hand while carrying it), comes with fast charger and will charge to about 81.3 volts...It really runs better than it looks.
  10. I have used mTen3 2-3 times now and you might see minor scratches because of that. Please find photos attached. I have the tag attached too, when I bought it. Bought it for $999, selling it for $850. Looking to sell it as soon as possible. Thanks, Saumeel Gajera Images : mten3_1 mTen3_2
  11. I'm selling my V5F which I found to be a great wheel to learn on. It's in great condition but does have a few scratches on the under side of the pedals and on the handle. I'm including the cover and obviously the charger. I'll also leave the padding on the pedals. The wheel's done under 60 miles. If you're picking it up from me then I'll be happy to spend some time showing you how to get going. If you want it posted then I'll be adding whatever the cost of postage will be.
  12. Sold! I have a KS16s with under 400 miles for sale. A few minor scratches but otherwise in perfect condition. I am located in santa cruz, California and have the orginal box for shipping if you are not local. You can respond to this post or email me at rlion8@gmail.com. I've got plenty of pics for some reason can't upload. Email me and i'll send. thanks. its a great machine. nothing wrong whatsoever!
  13. Hate to sell this fun, reliable wheel but I'm parting ways with my Ninebot Z10 plus rare 5A fast charger. New power board with less than 50 miles. Never crashed, very good condition, mild pedal scratches as seen. This unit is speed unlocked using Ninetool firmware to 34.8 mph. ~900 miles overall. Original box, can ship at cost within U.S.
  14. Friend gifted this to me but I am already upgrading to V10F. Comes with everything original that came with the box. Shipping is extra.
  15. I am selling my gotway mcmv3 with bigger pedals which are very comfortable and black sidepads. You can have the original in red and one extra sidepad in bkack. You get two trolleys. And the battery is changed by 1radwerkstatt with 410 wh. Never had a cuttoff. It is solid, fast and great by acceleration. Price includet shipping in europe 400 Euro
  16. I'll be on vacation in Hawaii for a month and wanted to have an eWheel during my stay so I shipped over a brand new KS14C 800w 680wh in red. Shipping is expensive, so I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing the KS14c after I'm done using it. I would take good care not to damage it, so it would be a lightly used wheel. It will be available for purchase anytime after Sep. 12 but potential buyers would be welcome to check out the wheel anytime prior. New, they're going for over $1045 at electricunicyclereviews.com but that doesn't include shipping to HI. Also, I've read from oth
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