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  1. Np, if you don't find anything, try testing the buzzer. The beeper just plugs in to the mainboard. I think you can probably just attach it to a power source, like a 12v battery to test it. When you get it apart, see if the buzzer has a voltage marked on it, or a part number you can look up to check the specs.
  2. I had similar issue. It turned out to be a burned circuit on the mainboard due to water intrusion. I ended up replacing the board. The damage on the board was visible and obvious when looking at it closely.
  3. @tinawong I totally agree with @Jason McNeil, I currently own a 14c and not having 48 cells on the 14d is a dealbreaker. If you release the 14d with 48 cells, I'm ready to pre-order now. For me, some features that would be nice to have would be a lift cutoff button when picking up the wheel, a battery and speed display that can be seen from the top of the wheel, and no "Hello Kingsong" on power up.
  4. TwixFix


    I was going to do this, I had my wheel with me on Big Island, one of the security personnel at the area where you park your car told me the gravel road is off limits to motorized vehicles. I didn't feel like arguing so I went ahead and rented a bike like everyone else. The local that rented me the bike told me I should've just tried it, in hindsight I should have. I'm still 50-50 on whether it would have been possible to go all the way, the last 25% of it gets really sketchy with very lose gravel. It was almost too sketchy even on a bike. You have to read the road and stay on the portion where the gravel has been compacted by the local cars. If you do this, I'd advise on bringing a lock. After the road ends, there is a few hundred yards of walking/jumping over jagged lava rocks. Everyone leave their bikes, I think it would suck having to traverse that area lugging a 40lb wheel.
  5. Bump, I'm willing to ship it and split the shipping from Hawaii. It was a little over $100 to ship it over here from DC.
  6. Any rides planned in the near future? I'll be island hopping for the next month and it would be awesome to meet and ride with some fellow eWheelers.
  7. Does anyone have any recent experiences with taking an EUC on flights between islands in Hawaii? I shipped over an EUC to use during my month long stay, but I'd hate for the wheel to be stuck on one island. I hope that they are more lax since they're just super short flights.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions @HunkaHunkaBurningLove. Just an update, I was able to ship a KS14c to Kauai via USPS Priority 3 day for $104, so I'm very excited I'll have an eWheel to use during my stay.
  9. I'll be on vacation in Hawaii for a month and wanted to have an eWheel during my stay so I shipped over a brand new KS14C 800w 680wh in red. Shipping is expensive, so I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing the KS14c after I'm done using it. I would take good care not to damage it, so it would be a lightly used wheel. It will be available for purchase anytime after Sep. 12 but potential buyers would be welcome to check out the wheel anytime prior. New, they're going for over $1045 at electricunicyclereviews.com but that doesn't include shipping to HI. Also, I've read from other members that it can be somewhat challenging to get a vendor to ship to HI, so here's your chance to grab one at almost half price. Asking $old picked up locally in Kauai. The wheel is currently in Kauai, I'll update with pics of the actual wheel when I arrive later this week.
  10. Hawaii eWheelers, can you provide some feedback on whether it'd be worth it to ship a pair of eWheels there while on vacation? I'll be on the islands for a month, splitting up the time between the islands. The current plan is Oahu for a week, Big Island for a week, Kauai for a week, then open for suggestions. My concern is they'll be stuck in Oahu, anyone think the wheels will be allowed on the planes between the islands? Even if they are stuck on Oahu, I wouldn't mind having them for only the week if there's enough stuff to explore on the wheel. Definitely going to stop by Leonard's Bakery, thanks for the suggestion @HunkaHunkaBurningLove.
  11. I believe this is EVA foam. An easy to find source is anti fatigue floor mats, the giveaway is the cross hatch pattern on one side. It looks like the seller then adds a coating, maybe plasti-dip spray? This is a very common technique in the cosplay world. The material itself is waterproof, but obviously, the open design makes that a moot point. It does not readily fold but it is very light. Here's one I DIYed a while ago: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/2071-eva-foam-fitted-padding-ks14/ Also, just for fun, here's a GizmoDuck costume I did for Halloween. It's made from the same EVA foam floor mat material, sprayed with plasti-dip for color.
  12. I'm inclined to think you got the wrong pack. I have a 840wh KS14C, here's my charge curve from the Charge Doctor V2 using a 5a charger. It's not quite 840wh, but it's definitely closer to 840wh than 680wh. I ran the wheel until tilt-back.
  13. Hmmm, I might be getting mixed up with someone else. I'm in the DC area and wasn't planning on grabbing an Inmotion but probably could be easily persuaded to get one.
  14. Unfortunately, something changed between now and then. I just tried to purchase one and got the following response from Graham Goodbarn: "I am afraid that the stipulation on lithium batteries has recently changed (last week or so) and it is now impossible to send anything over 100wh battery capacity by sea or air at the moment. We posted one to San Francisco about 3 weeks ago ,at that time DHL had no stipulations against wet or lithium batteries. This morning someone in New York wanted the Mten so i checked again before processing the payment and there it was .. No Wet or Lithium batteries ,so i rang to check and it was clarified that no battery above 100wh can be sent through via Air or Sea freight." Bummer, missed out by a week. Thanks for posting the link though!
  15. Really? Is this a new production? I hope so, I'd buy another in a hearbeat I tried to buy one from Jane in March but she said they don't have any. Also, I tried to contact the company that I believe originally made them, Microworks, and they said they don't have any, but they can make them if you place a min. 100 quantity order. The MTen is so much fun, lots of torque, instant acceleration, and it's pretty fast for its size. Double the fun with my new 620wh battery.
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