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Ninebot One E + for sale £350 UK

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I'm selling my Ninebot ONE E+ i've not got time use it.
I've only used it with training wheels it has hardly had any use at all in excellent condtion. It comes with training wheels
Ninebot one trolley handle
Offical Original Waterproof Portable Carrying Case UV Nylogn Bag
Charger and Manuel.
Payment cash on colletion only

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I have just seen this post and I can see it was posted back in May,

However I maybe wrong but this post seems exactly the same as a Ninebot I purchased from a guy in the North of the Country, he advertised his Ninebot as an E+ it wasn't, it was an E, also the Motor was shot, dangerous to ride, I purchased the Ninebot, when it arrived I knew straight away there was a problem I spoke to the seller he refused to accept there was anything wrong with it, even though he said he had not ridden it more than once, and had no experience.

I had it inspected at my expense and it was confirmed that the Ninebot was dangerous to ride and that it needed a new motor. The only reason I got my money returned is because PayPal ruled in my favour.

Looking at how the post is written, this is the same exact way this post has been written.

I do hope that nobody contacted Demtect or worst still purchased this Ninebot as if this is the same unit it has a dangerous defect and at the very least needs a brand new motor.

If this is not the person I purchased from I do apologise and I will gladly delete this post.


Best Regards.

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