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  1. Hola a todos, me llamo Roberto, tengo una tienda online donde vendemos todo tipo de vehículos ligeros eléctricos. Scooters, Skateboards y por supuesto Uniciclos EUC's Resido en Londres pero mandamos a toda Europa, nuestro servicio técnico esta en Zaragoza así que estáis cubiertos. No dudeis en poneros en contacto conmigo para qualquier duda, gracias, un saludo. www.personalelectrictransport.co.uk
  2. Hi everyone! Last units left for the ACM 16inches 680wh 820wh Preorder for the 84V 1300wh 12 MOSFET board, version v3, long pedals Free UK Delivery | Flat Rate EU Don't hesitate in contact us for availability and information. https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/shop/electric-unicycle/gotway-acm-16-680wh-820wh/ Warranty1 year pcb+motor+battery others 6 months. Thanks, have a powerful day!
  3. Last units left with special pre-order price. https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/shop/electric-unicycle/gotway-msuper-v3-pre-order/
  4. can anyone confirm this info? Msuper3s+ 84v 1600wh max speed 68kmph
  5. Gotway it's a new company, learning, creating it self from scratch base on powerful and reliable wheels, if they just focus on making them even better, we'll always buy... but also please, better support for resellers and distributors because we all be winners. anyway, she is creating a big debate every product release keeping us busy talking...??? We love you @JaneMo please give us more details.
  6. I just received an email from Jane saying that they will release it next week, it is sanyo cell and more faster and powerful than 67.2v. They also confirm me the shipping from next week
  7. No word from Gotway about specifications yet. Sorry guys...
  8. me too!, no word from Jane Mo (Gotway) yet. I hope 84V means more power!!!
  9. Hi Donafello, Gotway confirmed yesterday that the 1640wh model its for domestic market (china) and the 1600wh model it's for overseas, not sure about the reasons really but I think we are the winners with 1600wh 84v.
  10. Hello guys, It´s Roberto from PET (Personal Electric Transport) We just got confirmation from Gotway (not about specs yet, ) that the MSuper 1600wh 84v will be ready next week, so we have open a pre-order in store. https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/shop/electric-unicycle/gotway-msuper-v3-pre-order/ ETA Due in 2-3 Weeks depending on Gotway dispatching speed , please preorder yours to get in line, discounted price limited to 10 units per model only. Warranty: 1 year pcb+motor+battery others 6 months. Free UK delivery / £18 Flat Rate EU Any doubts or questions pleas
  11. UK have now a white canvas to create something good. EU in going down anyway and should became United States of Europe, federal estatus. (Why not) The referendum shows that people are tired, enough of try to fix something that doesn't work and let's make something from scratch. Made in Britain. England always has been a business hub and it will be. New and better relations for exalmple with China/Asia (where all EUCs are made) asap, please. USA (onewheel, Boosterboard, Acton...) I can't wait! Guys, stop complaining and signing ridiculous petitions and start creating the new rules.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm Roberto from PET(PersonalElectricTransport), we've open a pre-order for the Gotway MCM V4 Electric Unicycle Hs version. Any question please don't hesitate in ask. https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/shop/electric-unicycle/gotway-mcm-v4-electric-unicycle-uk/
  13. Hi! you mind adding GOTWAY and IPS (coming next month) next to the Personalelectrictransport.co.uk store? I also happy to advise anyone on this forum about wheels, my name is Roberto, thanks!
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