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  1. I just want to know price and release.... Im sold im100% in but I would like to know price!
  2. yeah Ive owned both had a ninebot since first release owned all the up to "P".. only had one total failure on a E+ had a crap load with gotway to the extent no wheel for weeks.
  3. My thoughts are Ninebot are just sitting back and waiting for all the other makers to shoot themselves in the foot with poorly made wheels which are trying to kill people cough (Gotway)... Lol.
  4. How do you change the wheel settings with this then?
  5. All I can say is it was working 100% i crashed (Got pushed kinda) into a river the wheel just will not boot up I have stripped down and left it like that has i purchased a new wheel!!!. whats you thinking when you back in the uk?
  6. Cheers dude but it's all ok got my self the aim 1300 to replace it...
  7. lol..... Na it was night time had to wait for the sun to rise!!!!!
  8. Guys the £300 is a start point open to offers all offers consider and I will split....
  9. fubar925

    New to Gotway

    It was easy to ride, just jumped on and off i went. In all fairness it was a little hard to start with but ok after a hour ish! yeah riding a euc was some imho. If you move the foot off the buttons it still keeps going just slows down. If you come off completely it shuts off after a few seconds.
  10. fubar925

    New to Gotway

    Purchased the moonwalked from Ian at SpeedyFeet here https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/products/gotway-moon-walk-electric-skateboard yeah it's just a different ride all together smother and relaxing in a good way. You glide along,
  11. fubar925

    New to Gotway

    Been riding Ninebots for a few years started on a C then C+ then a E+ and got a P about a year ago... Anyway I just got myself a ACM1300 and wanted to say hi to the Gotway gang... It does feel a lot different and in a good way nice and fast for me also super stable and nimble.. Glad I choose it. I did like the monster but for me it was a little big and over kill. I will be getting fast charger asap infact I should have got one when i got the wheel, But i test rode the gotway moonwalker and ended up buying that with the acm1300. Got to say the moonwalker is great I really like it alot its completely different to riding the the wheel in a good way so much more relaxing couldn't recommend it more. Anyway big up the gotway crew...!!!
  12. Got a Ninebot one P with the 1radwerkstatt battery upgrade kit had a crash ended up in the river for about 6 hours!!!! ive dried and cleaned it all up but it's dead nothing nowt.... You may be able to get it to work or you may not.. So offering it up for sale here as it is in bits with water damage .. ! .. ! Looking for i don't know £300 to start i may be asking for to less or to much........ but its a figure to start!!! let me know... Brett
  13. Anyone up for a meet up ride in the midlands area? im from worcester but dont mind traveling or even picking people up etc. Anyway let me knows!
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