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When the Ninebot Mini Pro was released for the international market and the Mini "S" exclusively for the Chinese market in 2015, either we referred to tutorials published by the Chinese community or we waited for members to publish DIY tutorials one after the other, based on their experiences, to dismantle, repair, or change parts.

In 2016, the user community managed to get hold of the PDF provided to after-sales service by Ninebot distributors worldwide; it was a bit like the Holy Grail, as we then had a step-by-step method to fully dismantle a MINI PRO or MINI "S".

Since then, users have often had to abandon their MINIs, which became "Segway S, S PRO, S PLUS, Nano," etc., bewildered by the price of imported spare parts and their scarcity. There were new regulations worldwide after the catastrophic tsunami of electric scooters in free service, impacting our freedom to ride.

In some countries, Segway-Ninebot's after-sales service was of poor quality because it relied on external providers who knew nothing about the vehicles we ride (in France, it was a company that also provided customer support for the computer brand ACER).

Nevertheless, it's our global community that has worked to make advice and solutions accessible to every user. This is what makes a forum such a wonderful tool.

Today, while browsing Segway USA's YouTube account, I notice that for the past few months, Segway Ninebot has been publishing tutorial videos for almost all models, including kickscooters.

There's even a video featuring the Chinese Ninebot-Xiaomi Mijia Mini "S" PLUS!

We admire Segway-Ninebot because finally, like other companies have done before, they're making tutorials accessible!

But when we can't even find spare parts from the company in 2024, eight years later, what's the use?

Is it the definitive abandonment of the presence of Mini/"S" models in the Segway Ninebot USA catalog? These models have disappeared from the European market by now; they are nowhere to be found (except for import via AliExpress).

What I noticed in the tutorial videos is that some were dedicated to repair services, and I know that if we had repaired certain parts ourselves, the warranty would be lost, voided. Today it's clear that with these videos, Segway-Ninebot might be turning the page on niche products and older models to focus on mopeds and ebikes

So below is the playlist of tutorial videos for our little vehicles, and it's not too bad... Loomo, GoKart Pro, S Max, S & S Pro, S Plus, Nano, Mecha

94 videos !



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