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New Kingsong Android app KS 3.0

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Just found this app posted on the Milbay site.Connected to my 14c no problem and fixes the issue with small screens and much better features and layout.Enjoy!                                                                                                                                                                   http://www.milbay.com.au/SBV/App

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Would you mind posting some photos of the new app on the phones screens pretty PLEASE!

And if possible info on the "better features" and what size screens work now.

I have been holding off on buying a smart phone for exactly this info!

Still in between Iphone and android so hopefully this will help!

Shout out to Milbay, Neale Gray for providing this.


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For quite some time I've been trying to get King Song to improve their quite flatly very badly designed App. Even in this latest release, it's still far from the mark. I've asked Tina if I can post the list of my suggestions & get the opinions from other forum members of what features/changes they would want see in the upcoming release. Owners & distributors, please write in to King Song to demand that this situation is improved.

General Information Screen Suggested Changes:

  1. Headlight: with the removal of the touch panel in the 16", there should be an option to enable headlight from the main screen without having to go into options
  2. Max speed: modify the speedometer from 60 kph to 35kph, otherwise it gives owners the false impression their Wheels can go much faster than they really can
  3. Odometer: where's the odometer?
  4. Power output: where's the power output reading like every other BT eWheel App has? Most Wheel riders think in Watts & Ninebot/Inmotion use Watts not of Amps for power measurements. 
  5. Modes: 'Play', 'Ride' & 'Study' modes names bear no meaningful relationship to 'Hard', 'Medium' & 'Soft'. Please keep it comprehensible.
  6. Interface Style: compare with how much better the layout is for Inmotion & Ninebot, especially Ninebot. Everything is clearly laid out, it gives both the current information & the maximum possible range.

Setting Suggestions:

  1. Alert Levels: with the safety of tilt-back, it's unnecessary to have three levels, one is probably sufficient
  2. Speed Validation: When defining the speeds, the App should validate (check to see if it's within the permitted range) the moment the user selects 'Sure' button (which should be relabeled to 'Confirm'). Ideally the permitted speeds would be displayed under the limit level box.
  3. Firmware updates: with all the problems related to automatic firmware updates, offer a two step download/install system that provides customers with updates if/when they need them
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Sending alarms alternatively to a headset via the app and disable the wheels alarms while doing so.

Combination with Apple Watch, show speed, amps, voltage, temp and horn at your wrist

Firmware Updates: ... and keep the last version to have a fallback if the new one is still beta

"Lock the wheel" button

calculate and show estimated remaining range

Deactivation of acoustic speed alarms in expert mode

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The Milbay website claims (in various sections) that their app unlocks to 40 kph riding speed. Has anyone tried this setting using specifically the app downloadable from their website?

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