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[Sweden] MonoWheel.se oversells their MonoWheel Elite Zero


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I feel kind of mislead regarding the MonoWheel Elite Zero wheels sold through MonoWheel.se and want to notice others.

MonoWheel.se ship the wheel with a 260WH batterypack that according to them has a max distance of 40km. IPS (The manufacturer of MonoWheel Elite Zero) them selfs says that their wheels with 260WH battery pack has a 30km max distance. With my weight (75Kg) and my style of driving I have reached 20km on one charge with MonoWheel Elite Zero.

They over sell the wheel with the max distance for the included battery pack.
A minor thing I also noticed is that the wheel isn't XC textured.

They write like this, sherry picked and translated:

Engine effekt: 800 W High performance
Speed: 30 km/h
Max distance: 40 km (In optimal test environment)
Charging time: 1-3 hours
Wheel size: 16" with XC texture
Weight: 10.3 kg
Size: 382x168x481 mm
Color: White

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The specs in the listings are always optimistic, but I agree they should not be advertising better specs than the manufacturer claims. Having ridden a 260Wh EUC for a while I think the 30km number is pretty accurate if you start at full charge and run it down to tilt-back. Have you contacted them and asked them to change the listing?

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