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Found 14 results

  1. We currently have some special offers on the IPS White Versions (ZERO and LHOTZ) We should be able to ship in EU Countries now ( For the first time ever ). Prices starting from €588 inc. 18% VAT while excluding shipping. We also have some good protection gear that you might want to add with your order or as a separate purchase. find our products page on http://www.myIPS.eu and send me a message if you are interested.
  2. Have to sell the baby wheel. Unfortunately, it costs more to ship my wheel where I am than buying a new one. Yes, China! it only has approx 90km on it and some scratches on the pedals and slightly one side. Used mainly as a Demo and never tried to perform any fancy tricks on it. Ideally selling in Malta, but can check shipping rates to other EU Countries if you're interested. Asking price is negotiable Eur400 + shipping (For outside Malta).
  3. I did it! I purchased my first wheel and am now waiting to get it. After some (a lot) reading here on the forum and on the internet I came to the choice of the IPS Zero with 340 battery. Some advice from some members brought me to the factory of IPS and I ordered directly from them. The message from them was: We will ship your order to our "forwarder" who will then ship it to you. It could take 3 days before you get your shipment number. We are now 3 days further and I'm checking my mail much more regularly then I would do otherwise :-) I am in any case exited
  4. Hi! Was curious about during what speed the speed warning started to beep and opened up Waze during the ride. Waze tells around 23-24km/h when the beep starts. This wheel is told to have a Max speed of 30 but the sound make me not want to try to go that fast. Anyone that have tried?
  5. I own a IPS Zero and it tells me that there is a new firmware (4.1.4) available. Anyone that knows anything about this firmware?
  6. Hi, I feel kind of mislead regarding the MonoWheel Elite Zero wheels sold through MonoWheel.se and want to notice others. MonoWheel.se ship the wheel with a 260WH batterypack that according to them has a max distance of 40km. IPS (The manufacturer of MonoWheel Elite Zero) them selfs says that their wheels with 260WH battery pack has a 30km max distance. With my weight (75Kg) and my style of driving I have reached 20km on one charge with MonoWheel Elite Zero. They over sell the wheel with the max distance for the included battery pack. A minor thing I also noticed is that the whe
  7. I borrowed an IPS Zero from a friend (he's trying my LHOTZ), but the necessary app (IamIPS) won't download on my iPhone 5. The app store displays the message: Cannot download. This app is not compatible with your device Any ideas/suggestions what to do?
  8. I want to inform you of the following incident I had with my Zero yesterday: EUC: IPS Zero (240 Wh) Total mileage about 160 Km. I was driving on the pavement of a street when at the (remote) next corner a pedestrian came into sight. My estimated speed was around 10 Km/h. There was enough distance to brake. But as I was a bit surprised by the sudden appearance of the person I initiated an emergency break too hard - The Zero broke very hard, made hard noises and got slower fast but as I overleaned backwards I had to step down from the wheel. The Zero shot out under me
  9. @viti@SlowMo@Pagsy@triad88@Bob@csmyers@Trailseeker@Paul Panait Any Zero owners upgrade to 4.1.2 yet? If so, is it safe? Improvements? A little afraid to upgrade after all the Ninebot firmware upgrade fails, thanks!
  10. Dear Unicycle Community, I am new to unicycle but have now two different gears as favourites: The IPS Zero (260Wh) and the IPS I260+. But I'm not sure which would suit more: The IPS Zero looks very futuristic and is a lightweight but the body looks as if you can not go down and up curbs without damaging it. The IPS I260+ looks more suitable for "rough" terrain and is not much heavier than the Zero. Can someone give me an advise which is more suitable for a newbe living on countyside. Will use the unicycle just for fun but if airlines allow its transportation also for city discoveries in fore
  11. Has anyone used the balance adjustment function on the IPS zero? i did use it and I feel that now my pedals are a little bit tilted back constantly ! what would be the proper/best way to adjust the balance ?
  12. I have a question for all of you guys who have IPS Zero. Do you ride it with or without leg pads ? If yes, did you put some customs leg pads or the one that come with the unit with the (ugly ) IPS LOGO ? I don't know if it is because I used to ride the 9B1 and I got to be used to place my foot in a certain way on the pedal, but the first time I tried to ride the IPS Zero, I obviously understood that I wouldnt ride for more than 15 min without being in Pain. So I used some kinda shin guard.
  13. In the first round, we have two contenders from IPS, LHotz and Zero, given the names, I would be surprised the Zero could stand a chance, but lets se: Looking at the specs for the Zero, it doesn't look to bad: Notice that the performance in difficult terrain should have a big advantage, this might be beneficial, although, from the design of Lhotz, I doubt that it really has the advantage here. And the LHotz The Lhotz surely have a bold design, additional stats: Alternate Modes: Freightliner Cab-over engine semi truck. Peterbilt 379 semi truck. Height: 28 feet. The Zero's primary functio
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