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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all! i can sell some items with good season discount price! Does anyone interested in new?: GotWAY ACM 1300+ - 1150€ GotWAY NEW Msuper V3 820 wh - 1150€ GotWAY NEW Msuper V3 1600 wh - 1450€ KingSong 16A 680 wh - 1000€ KingSong 16S 840 wh - 1150€ KingSong 18S 840 wh - 1300€ KingSong 18S 1680 wh - 1650€ +delivery: 1. EURope (any country) - 150€ 2. Overseas (US, Canada etc) - 250€ local pickup also avaible (in Estonia) after 50% prepay. And I am also can sale Zhiyun stabilizers, but only with EUC wheel (depending on shipping-handling prices). Zhiyun Crane V.2 - 550€ Zhiyun Crane 2 - 700€ I am already sold there one wheel, stay on ebay and can answer on any your questions there or in PM.
  2. Hi all! I am a student at ETH Zurich and looking into the topic of e-transporters. Therefore I created a little survey (5 min) to help get me more insight. I hope it is alright, when I post this here Here is the link: https://evaluation-app1.let.ethz.ch/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=78L1n561 Link for your convenienceThat would help me a lot!Thank you so much Alexandra
  3. superwheels.ch We are a group of EU lovers with the most "Swissness. " Loving this beautiful ride through countryside in Switzerland. “Join cheesemakers in a high valley, try to call the shepherds on an alphorn, and hike through some of the world’s most stunning mountain scenery.” -Rick Steves Love Switzerland. Enjoy
  4. Ladies and gentlemen of the forum, As electric unicycle enthusiasts I thought you guys should be the first to know. We're selling our King Song KS-14B with switchable battery (in Europe aka FutureWheel Switch) for the all-time lowest price of 489 euro's.** Why? We need to get rid of our stock so we can make the newer models available to you! So if you want a quality lightweight wheel on the side this is your chance. Want to cover more distance? Get an extra backpack battery-pack and switch it up! Love life, Enjoy the ride and keep it wheel y'all! -- * The site quotes 589 use the couponcode: korting100 on the payment page to get 100 off! ** Shipping and handling to The Netherlands 15 euro and the rest of Europe 25 euro Order your Red KS-14B Order your Black KS-14B Specifications of Red KS-14B Specifications of Black KS-14B Tutorial Videos for Beginners and Advanced (We're sorry the site is a bit slow, please be patient)
  5. Houston Top Shop for wheels is opening up and making a staple in the scene. We have new, used, and all sorts of other fun things to showcase. Bluetooth Accessories, 3D printing Pens, Desktop 3D Printers, Drones Will post more soon! 5901 Hillcroft Avenue, 77036 Houston Texas
  6. Hi, I feel kind of mislead regarding the MonoWheel Elite Zero wheels sold through MonoWheel.se and want to notice others. MonoWheel.se ship the wheel with a 260WH batterypack that according to them has a max distance of 40km. IPS (The manufacturer of MonoWheel Elite Zero) them selfs says that their wheels with 260WH battery pack has a 30km max distance. With my weight (75Kg) and my style of driving I have reached 20km on one charge with MonoWheel Elite Zero. They over sell the wheel with the max distance for the included battery pack. A minor thing I also noticed is that the wheel isn't XC textured. They write like this, sherry picked and translated: Engine effekt: 800 W High performance Speed: 30 km/h Max distance: 40 km (In optimal test environment) Charging time: 1-3 hours Wheel size: 16" with XC texture Weight: 10.3 kg Size: 382x168x481 mm Color: White
  7. Hey folks! So I've noticed that there are all different terms for our wonderful wheels, and I want to log them out and get them correctly defined. Here's the page I'm creating: Types of Self Balancing Unicycle (link here) All the info is just based on the Wikipedia article, and the forum readings I've done. Would you guys mind correcting me if I got anything wrong here? Also, I would love to add any other terms I missed.
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