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Ideas for a burner droid for EUC world?

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12 hours ago, GothamMike said:

I'm thinking about getting a cheap unlocked droid phone and using it for EUCWorld. Suggestions?

Focus on larger battery and avoid very old devices, especially below Android 8. I think that you can get good, used phone in great condition under USD 100. For example I'm still using old Moto G8 Power for EUC World testing and it still works great. Of course it's important to disable all battery app optimizations (for EUC World) and battery savers (for phone). GPS will also work better if you'll have a SIM with data plan, because of AGPS feature that needs Internet access. EUC World by default doesn't require Internet access to be always present, but you'll benefit from having it because of live updates of tours, weather data etc. For standard synchronization, having WiFi connection enabled when you're at home or office is sufficient though.

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1 hour ago, sbb said:

Half of them come with malware preinstalled, so keep them off your home wifi unless you have the hardware to partition it away from everything else.


No name phones are sketchy.

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18 hours ago, GothamMike said:


I bought one of these and was impressed with the solid metal build quality, the battery was a bit small and doesn't last very long which is why i sent it back (plus I didn't like android as much as iOS). At the time I was looking at replacing my iPhone. Looking back this might actually be a great phone for EUC World and its very small 4" display might be good for the wrist?


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Seems to be EU only, maybe see if you can find US versions.
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I would think you can go wrong with a Samsung, i have had one for years , they have been underwater several times. Pulled out of a snowbank down the street several days later. Dropped a million times from a 6ft ladder , dropped 3 stories down an elevator shaft(with the otterbox commuter case on it) and they have always worked flawlessly.

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Yep, second that about the Samsungs, (presuming PJ means CAN'T go wrong!). Not that expensive for an A13 or similar (shitty camera tho), which runs EUCW beautifully, though you do really need a data package to get the best out of it.

Curious to know why you feel the need for a separate phone for this ? Personally I am always trying to minimise the amount of shit I have to charge and have attached to me rather than increase it ! :) It's not like we don't normally take our regular phones everywhere we go ?

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23 hours ago, Punxatawneyjoe said:


Curious to know why you feel the need for a separate phone? 

I think he is using an apple phone :efef2e0fff::D and wants to be able to use EUC world which isn't compatible with IOS unfortunately.  

Correct, also don’t want to ruin an expensive phone.

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