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Will this PEV work ?

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Will something like this be rideable with EUC experience and balance ?


A slow speed PEV with two 10*3" electric scooter wheels, remote controlled like an electric skateboard. The pedals are foldable and the riding stance is like an EUC.

Much compact than an electric scooter, no cutouts, widely available hub motors and no complicated electronics. Easy to implement elastomer type suspension (refer inokim oxo, Dualtron, Navee S65 scooters) 

The dimensions are length= 22" height= 16" width folded= 7" unfolded= 15" pedals 16*5" There is space inside for 60-70, 21700 cells. 


Front 1.jpg

Side 2.jpg


Top 2.jpg

Back 1.jpg

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I think you would fall off backwards when you accelerate hard, and especially to the front when you brake hard, which (unlike strong acceleration) isn't always avoidable. As your feet are side to side, you cannot brace forwards or backwards properly, like when you stand on an electric skateboard where one foot is in the front and one is in the back, and you stand diagonally to brace along both axes.

The sideways balancing should work, I think. It's more or less the same as on a EUC.

There is some strange manual rideable called the GausWheel (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gauswheel) that is a bit similar in how you stand on it and the overall idea. Not sure how braking works there, I think they just do a quick side turn to not fly off forwards on hard braking, or they lean back with the leg braces on top?

Again, I think the lack of bracing in the forwards/backwards direction is the question with your idea. Might work, might not work, I have no idea (I guess it depends... at very slow speeds it will work, and the question is how fast can you make it so it still works). Sideways balance shouldn't be a problem. Consider your idea a tiny e-scooter without a handle bar, maybe it helps to think about it this way.

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For acceleration and braking, the rider would need to lean accordingly, somewhat similar like on the EUC. In effect, it's probably always "easier" to over- or underlean than an EUC. Due to the fixed wheels, left-right steering and balancing will be (way) too sketchy for any day-to-day usage. Twist steering is in effect not available and tilt steering (relying on the camber effect) is much less effective with two single track fixed wheels compare to the EUC. The speedboard is a similar idea in skateboard form factor with a steering mechanism.

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