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  1. Just wanted to share my crazy idea here. I don't intend to manufacture or design anything, just shared something that came in my mind. Thanks for all the inputs and support, helps me think more. @mrelwood Thanks for pointing out the details and for Tinkercad, I am liking it more than I thought. Will try to update with something that looks more like an EUC, when I get time.
  2. Apologies for the crude design, my first time using CAD, will try to refine and update here. I'll try to explain the design best possible by me, The pedals (yellow) are attached to a rail (green) in the front, which only allows vertical movement, and the back part rests on a free moving roller at the end of a rod. The rod has a pivot point (which isn't depicted accurately) and the end is connected to a single suspension, same mechanism on the other side too. How the suspension is connected to the rod and body is not shown here. PS: The red box is the EUC
  3. I Have this idea for an EUC suspension, want to share it here, but don't know how to draw it or present it. any advise on how to make a drawing or 3d model online ? PS: I don't have any experience with cad software.
  4. It's a hassle to change tires or fix punctures on an EUC, would love to hear opinions on how any design changes will make it easier. can you hold the axle securely with this design ? Open dropout used in bicycle forks possible ?
  5. Hope you have seen this thread, don't know what happened to it.
  6. https://www.elektroniknet.de/international/directly-cooled-electric-motor-made-from-polymer-materials-162192.html Can this be applied to EUC motors ?
  7. My dream is to build my own EUC based on this design. Retro, exposed rivets, brushed aluminum or steel.
  8. Agree with everything here, So, what can we do to make it different ? crowd fund an open EUC motherboard ? find manufacturers who can supply quality components ? Imagine a scenario where you can choose your motor, tires, battery, then build a custom chassis based on your weight and needs. Those who are less inclined towards DIY, makes good business opportunity for current sellers. We have a lot of testers who'll happily test the prototypes, or we'll force them to
  9. I have no idea what that is, but willing to learn new things, This has gone off topic from the main discussion and we are hijacking Marty's thread. hope some moderator can merge relevant posts into a new discussion or into the old one
  10. As far as I know, the main hurdle is the motherboard, everything else is available in the market or can be easily procured, like Hub motor, batteries, BMS. There was some interest in making an open source motherboard on this forum, but it went cold. I really wish to see some innovations in this regard, A modifiable motherboard will open the floodgates to custom built EUC's. https://www.kellycontrollers.eu/villany-motorok/agymotor-hub-motor https://www.kellycontrollers.eu/motor-vezerlok/kefe-nelkuli-bldc-brushless-vezerlo https://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/ap-en/semi
  11. S18 for the win, they have a large audience.
  12. "Fastest Electric" search shows this video 3rd on the list, but "fastest electric unicycle" brings it to 7th position. And "fastest electric wheel" brings it to the top of the search result. These guys have around 675k subscribers, they have some beautiful shots of the sexy KS S18, more people are going to know abut EUC's
  13. I don't know how this happened , just baffled.
  14. A question regarding EUC's From your long distance travel experience, what features do you miss in an EUC ? From the current available EUC's which do you think would be perfect for the long distance scenario ? A wheel like Sherman with long range, or the suspensions wheels S18 and V11 with more comfort, (you guys have already placed order for the suspension wheels) Is charge time a bother ? Fast charger necessary ? Would you prefer a small wheel like Mten3 ? which would be easier to carry on trains or buses, and upon reaching someplace interesting you can go sightseeing o
  15. Something like this could be very useful while travelling, where you have to charge multiple Items. https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-travel-power-strip-with-usb/ ps: Amazing pics, Beautiful Places. Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your journey with us.
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