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V11 "Please Repair" below 100% charge?


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Hey all, I'm back on the V11 after a rough cutout crash, associated repairs, and unrelated injuries & illness over the spring and summer.  I've logged about 200km on my new driver board & motherboard.  I was about 10 minutes from home on a lazy ride to meet up with a friend; battery still at 5 bars but I'd ridden a few km's already.  I was going up a gentle slope at perhaps 20 km/h when I got tiltback and the "Please repair!" message.  Weird, never had that before.  I got off, restarted the wheel, and carried on.  About 100m down the path while headed gently downhill, "Please repair!" again.  I got off, ran diagnostics, and the Inmotion app said there was a problem but didn't identify it.  I checked the battery state; no issues there.  So I fired off a log report to Inmotion, restarted again, ran another diagnostic, and it was all clear this time.  Weird.  

I carried on to met my friend in the park and stopped for an hour or so.  When it was time to leave, I got three more "Please repair!" errors before I left the park!  And then I rode the rest of the way home (+/- 3km) at  a very modest speed but without incident.  When I stopped at home I was getting another "Please repair!" as I powered off.  Power on: "Please repair!".  Power off.  Power on: no errors.  WTF. 

Any ideas??

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23 hours ago, mrelwood said:

Damn. Which parts did you have replaced?

Well, that'd be the motherboard, driver board, and front headlight assembly...  and the headlight seems to be working just fine!


23 hours ago, alcatraz said:

If it's not the board(s) or installation error there are only the motor and battery packs left.

In the app you're supposed to be able to see separate voltages for both packs. They should be within like 0.3v of oneanother. Have a look to rule that out.


Battery status looks A-OK

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On 9/15/2023 at 7:40 AM, embededfabrication said:

I'm just putting a VESC on mine, tired of this nonsense.  I did a tire change after 5 months on a brand new V11 and the electronics went kaput

I've read your other posts on this and it's an interesting idea.  Please carefully document this process, including the parts you're using. 

I really do like the V11, but the suspension is meh (I received Bill Gao's v1 blue shocks but haven't installed them yet) and reliability of the V11 model seems to be all over the place; I know that some people have gone > 15,000km with no more than a tire change but I've gone through 2 driver boards, 3 motherboards, and now this whatevertheproblemis at around 2,500km total distance traveled.  I really wish that there were some Inmotion-sanctioned mods to improve reliability (eg: Raptor retrofit), but I'll listen to any good ideas out there right now.  

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9 hours ago, macgyvercanada said:

reliability of the V11 model seems to be all over the place; I know that some people have gone > 15,000km with no more than a tire change

I totally agree. Mine has over 14,000km on it through all seasons. The only thing I’ve done is replaced the suspension shocks and added spiked pedals. I still have the stock tire on it. I’ve dented the rim in a few places and I did have it shut off and needed inmotion to run a diagnostic on it. I know a few people that have had to replace boards and motors. It seems every company has QC issues. Super frustrating considering it’s a single wheeled device with minimal redundancies……… sorry to hear about the ongoing issues. 😢

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Inmotion did reply...


I checked the log file found that was the battery 1 ( Left side) error  happened on 3 th Sep.  please comfirm the date correctly or not 
did your wheel get locked by the APP?   I think need to get the new battery replaced .

Battery looks fine in my Sept 11 screenshot.  What can be tested?  Or should I just bite the bullet and replace the pack, which I can't seem to buy in Canada...

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