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Anyone try AMG Studio?


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4 hours ago, BellsofMe said:

. I noticed they have a EBay store but has anyone tried there direct website?

Try googling for 

site:forum.electricunicycle.org amg studio

There seem to be some result.

4 hours ago, BellsofMe said:

Would you recommend or not take the risk?

Seems to be the "price versus warantee" thing - so a very personal decision.

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i bought a king song s18 with molicel batteries from them for $1690 in december.

i was very happy with my purchase and savings, the jiluer tire sucks, but that's on king song. tell them hank sent u. 

idk if they can help u after the sale, but yes, they are legit and easy to get ahold of. funny i was just thinking about them today. about every wheel rider fancys themselves as the next spielberg, so the cameras and eucs are a natural thing to merchandise.

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