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Wobble trouble - 16X threw me off


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Well, after 3500 km it finally was my time to eat dirt.
Had a few wobbles over time, but never more than i could
control - this one was different.  Going about 20 mph
downhill in an "s" curve (picture), all fine, smooth road no bumps
or potholes, and then suddenly completely out of nowhere, the
wobble started violently, and with all knows tricks and skills there
was no way for me to control it or make it stop.  So i somehow managed
(in 1 seconds or less) to bring the speed down to perhaps 15 mph, and
then i was violently thrown off backwards. Landed on my back/butt and
took the blow with my hands - watching the wheel doing 2 jumps in the air,
overturning, sliding down the road an coming to a stop.
Fortunately, it was late at night, so there were no cars on the road.
Got on my feet and did a quick self-diagnosis.  No damage!  My butt hurt,
but all fine - not a single scratch, not even on the helmet.  On the gloves
(MC gloves with kevlar) i could see some sliding marks in the palms - but
nothing damaged.  My phone which sits in a holder on the left arm had not
received a scratch either. The wheel was still "on"  did a quick inspection,
some minor scratches (the first ones ever ;-) ) but nothing serious.
Hit the pedals and went of from the scene of embarresement (there is a
retirement home by the road, and some of the (real) old ones stood out on
the balcony and watched the alien.... hmmn..

But why did it happen? I suspect my new seat. Original KS16X seat.
Just received it 3 days ago, it's soft, sits perfectly and the wheel is
completely stable at 25-28 mph seated riding. But there is a problem.
When i stand up, the seat causes that I no longer have the lower part of my
legs against the wheel.  Instead it is my knees that touches the side of
the seat - and the seat can rock a little from side to side side, so there
is not quite perfect control over the wheel.
I have subsequently driven the same trip without the seat, and tried to
provoke a wobble - which fortunately has not succeeded.

So lesson learned;  KS 16X with seat:  Riding fast only seated, otherwise
of with the damn thing (in the backpack)  




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@Robse Phew! I'm very happy you were essentially undamaged. Scary. "Thrown off the back" is why I wear a tailbone protector… been there, done that.

I agree with you about the seat… it's really comfortable but does force a change to your stance and not being firmly attached makes things worse. I use an elastic strap to keep it on, otherwise it bounces off the wheel—it bounces out of position with the strap too but so far I haven't come across a better solution. My roll.nz limits my options (but it remains on my wheel, even though it is long past 'good looking')

ps: those new side panels look really cool. so does the kitty.

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squeeze the wheel do not help a lot with wobbles, the only thing that stop wobbles is a strong lean to one side.

learn how to move your weight and your wheel without squeezing it is a good exercise ;)

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how far do you ride to require a seat? I usually ride 50 miles (25 each way) often and never had the need for a seat.  Even with a slightly bad left knee, I don't feel tire or sore after doing a 50 mile ride.. I am not in shape either. 5'7" 175lbs

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I don't "require" my seat, but it's kind of nice just to change positions. The times I've been glad I hauled it along were on tours that involved 20 miles of getting to and 20 miles returning from trails, with 2-3 hours of trail riding in the middle (another 20+ miles). I sat a bit on the way out, and more on the way back.

I also sit just to be lazy on boring stretches. And at stop lights, and during breaks. Don't really need a seat for lights and breaks, but it's cushy!

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Same as @Tawpie ; Nice to change positions, something to sit on during breaks, and the big bonus:  I have done a few test rides, same route, same weather conditions, and the (non scientific) result is: Seated riding saves at least 20 - 30% power = 20 - 30 % more range!  My record is a mostly seated riding at 20 - 25 mph,   55 miles total, and battery at 34%  at the end!

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On 8/11/2022 at 8:52 AM, EMA said:

squeeze the wheel do not help a lot with wobbles, the only thing that stop wobbles is a strong lean to one side.

learn how to move your weight and your wheel without squeezing it is a good exercise ;)

I do not agree in squeezing not being helpful.

But do not squeeze your knees.

What actually helps a LOT, is pushing/squeezing heels in. Saves me every time.

Many times the trails I ride are to narrow to throw in a carving to stop wobbles. Clamping my heels closer to the wheel always stops my wobbles.

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When i still had wobbles (at beginning) i always pulled my body upwards. That stopped wobbles for me.. (Maybe because i weigh 280lbs and reaching upwards gets the wheel leveled.. As you stand completely straight/even.) Haven't gotten them since i passed 250km ridden mark.

Also for my surprise i can now add more PSI to tire. Before i rode 28-30 psi, anything over 30 made the wheel very squirrely and felt like riding on knife edge. Also at speed the wheel wanted to start wobbling almost every time. ~3 weeks ago i tried riding at 35-40psi and i didn't have that feeling anymore. Also no speed wobbles for my surprise.

Still i like riding better at ~30psi, as more tire pattern touches the ground.. (More tire contact on ground.) Anything over 30psi only small middle of tire touches the ground.

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I do have minor wobbles on my KS16x quite often especially with a higher tyre pressure. When the wobbles are minor, I use a technique which always works for me by straightening my knees - making my legs straight and the geometry of my legs (depending on how straight your legs are, i guess :-)) fix the wobbles... :-) 

I experienced very bad wobbles twice over my 6500km. Both times the wobbles were so severe I could not think of any technique - just trying to slow down (which I think is for sure the best technique). Both times my feet almost slipped off the pedals. Straightening legs wouldn't work in this case - as naturally your brain is preparing for the worst and your knees bend further; then both your knees continue wobbling with the wheel till you stop. Someone said somewhere that you have to have strong legs to avoid wobbles. If mine were strong I could probably "lock the wheel" while my legs are bent in the knees, but as I say - never worked for me. Dunno... 

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