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  1. Ok, and why then the temperature alarms are set for 80C (and the tilt-backs, etc.) if the electronics can sustain much hotter? Is it to protect any "weak link/s" or it is just an overall "watchdog type" protection from an internal failure that generates extreme heat?
  2. ...also, thoughts on the latest Marty's attempt to ride to the Overheat Hill?... I don't understand electronics and it is hard for me to understand whether temperatures of say, 75 degrees C (167F) are "too high" for any electronic board or some of them can be made to successfully and permanently withstand them? Is this design completely flawed and Commander is a dangerous/stupid purchase?
  3. That's right! There is also a risk in greater understanding by my wife of the differences in prices, specs, max speed, etc... And even worse - we'd have to buy two new EUC's (of the same budget) rather than that one with the top spec I am hoping for. :-)
  4. I am trying another strategy with my wife, which comes with two parts. Part One is conversion of those she loves into EUC riders. My 9 year old daughter has just "got it" and now is asking me to "go to the park to ride unicycle, please, please?...". Part Two is the reverse psychology of suggesting to buy an electric bike she'd like to ride (she likes fancy expensive bikes) up and down the hills. "But sadly, e-bikes are very expensive, heavy and not practical at all..."
  5. Something’s telling me LeaperKim have a lot of confidence in this beast. ;-)
  6. Encouraging news is that “S20 ruined Jack’s experience” on the Commander (in the summary part of the video). :-)
  7. Can't wait for the first ride reports for this beauty, likely from either eevee's or e-rides this weekend...
  8. But what if they have just accomplished that? The prototype Jack was riding and currently the other one from the Indonesian supplier are extremely likely to be 126V… :-) What can be engineered, can also be manufactured. After all the “jump” we are talking is not that huge, I mean not like High Voltage or thousands of Amps… :-)
  9. Looking through these photographs and videos I recall I have seen a similar aluminium failure before. One of our manufacturers from (East) Germany complied with all strict QA rules except they were purchasing aluminium from a (thought to be) reputable Turkish supplier. After molecular analysis of cracked and jammed componentry we found silicon and other contaminants in proportions significantly greater than tolerable. It was related to undocumented shortcuts (mainly temperature) in the smelting processes (aluminium requires a lot of energy for purification) when recycling metals. They had to c
  10. Also Gotway's Commander has a potential of quickly going into the past... Sorry, off topic... :-)
  11. There are some marks of (heavy?) use - scratched handle and pedal surfaces. (Or they are just poorly painted on this tester.) But where are other videos, reports?...
  12. I also hope they will make it show the battery when stopped similarly to how KS16x lights show battery level.
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