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Every V12 should swap motherboard?


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Should every v12 owner swap the motherboard even if there are no issues of power cut-out at present?

Do you guys have any idea? 


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I bought my V12 through Amazon and a seller called “BYU Green”.  It’s been about 75 days since i purchased it so there’s no way to just return it the usual way to amazon (being over 30 days return policy).   My V12 was working just great …until it wasn’t. The battery was at around 85%-87%. I was walking it on the sidewalk (not riding).  Then suddenly:

  • Display goes out
  • Speakers out
  • Bluetooth OUT (no connectivity through the APP to the V12)
  • Lights- No control -OUT


 However, it still remained “walkable”.  There was still power going to the motor.   I was afraid to try to ride it but it appears that it would also be rideable. 
i took a look inside.  (This is the second time ive had to disassemble and break it down to the wiring housing, etc. as I got a flat tire really soon after I first got it. So I learned to change out the innertube, put it back together and used it several times after that. Everything appeared to be just fine from that little adventure.). When I opened it up working on this problem I checked all wiring for loose connections and found nothing unusual. The problem remained.

After learning about the faulty motherboards, I wondered if I had the faulty one or the new one. I removed all wiring to the motherboard, but have not been able to actually extract the motherboard from the housing. I was trying to see just the color of it to see if it was blue or black… Black meaning the newest one from what I’ve read and seen on YouTube.  I still don’t know what version of motherboard I have.

I can’t find any warranty information and I’ve been really frustrated not knowing who even works on these in Seattle or what protocol is for the situation. I can’t find out any information!  if I had the old board coukd I even get it replaced under warranty?  Does anybody know?  I would really appreciate any feedback anyone might have!  Any advice would be appreciated!

thank you!


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1 hour ago, Punxatawneyjoe said:

You could try emailing Inmotion at service@imscv.com

Thank you. Originally i didn’t think with me having ordered my V12 from Amazon that Inmotion would help me at all when it comes to support.   However, I ended up emailing them shortly after posting here anyway (because… why not, right?) so we’ll see what they say.  Thanks for a quick response today!

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Update on my V12 HS situation…. 
So after emailing support directly at Inmotion i got a fairly quick reply a couple of days later.  They wanted the log report from the app however, I could not produce this as there is no bluetooth connectivity.  This is one of the symptoms, which i had explained in my initial email.  

Recap of symptoms (all of which still remain):

  • Dead display
  • No bluetooth signal/no connectivity to the app via bluetooth
  • No lights
  • No sound from the speakers.

It DOES “turn on” and will self-balance and I’m able to walk it fwd and backwards—the motor is getting power. 
So there was a bit of back and forth emailing—all of this process taking way too long (communicating only through email 😟).  Their support division for Amazon purchases of their products responded and said that their best guess is it’s the “dashboard display”.  They sent me a new display.  The display is not the issue.  The same problems remained after swapping out the display unit.  I then made them a video of the issue and today they responded that they now think it is the—no surprise—the mother-f’n motherboard.  
This is what Inmotion support said:  



Hi Kyle,
Thank you for your reply.
We thought it was the dashboard display function because you said it goes out suddenly the first time.
This time you describe more pacific to us, we think it's the motherboard issue.
We suggest you reinstall the motherboard first, if still the same, then it needs to replace it.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Best regards,


My question for anyone who might respond faster than waiting for them:  Does anyone know what they might mean as far as “reinstall the motherboard”?  Does that mean remove power to the motherboard and then connect it again?  Is there a “reset” button on the board itself?
Second question:  Does anyone know anyone in the Seattle area who is a specialist (official or unofficial) or who does EUC and/or Inmotion product repair?  I’m surprised that Inmotion doesn’t have a certified specialist in the major cities where one could take their wheels for warranty and other servicing.  I’m assuming they don’t.

If you read this far I appreciate your time!  
Thank you!


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