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Found 9 results

  1. I'm parting out my MSX. Selling whatever I can get for it. Shipping is possible but only confimed Paypal addresses. Parts: MSX Pedals (left and right) 80usd Motherboard (early batch) 100usd Motherboard (latest Aug 8 2019) 150usd Inner casings (both sides, has some damage, request pics) 60usd Outer Side Panels (both sides, 60 usd) Handle (40usd, bars and the handle itself) MSX motor Wheel (includes non working motor, pedal arms, axel)- 50usd. (the motor might be able to be fixed, no promises) Brand New BMS 84v. (You can extend the range of your battery, theres a few riders who have 84v that have beyond 1600wh in battery by adding it into the empty space) Sold: Wiring/Lighting for all 30usd Thank you PS: Prices are negotiable, within reason.
  2. (16/03/2019 updates in progress) Hello After more than a year working on my blog about the Mini, I decided a few days ago to monetize my blog, it reached more than 11,400 visitors from 115 countries. By joining affiliate programs with resellers, I choose spare parts and accessories for the Mini. I try to pay attention to quality even if it is difficult. I would touch a small percentage of a sale made, which will perhaps allow me to improve my blog, will see, I start with these programs. https://mini-j.jimdo.com/shop-guide/ It is therefore in total transparency that I announce the creation of a new site attached to my blog, called "Mini-J-S-G" (for the entire title: mini-j shopping guide) (cancelling) jojo33
  3. Hello, first of all, thank you for the forum. Recently my ninebot segway es1 stopped working, it is necessary to change the "motherboard". The one inside the tube. I can not send it to repair the official service. I have looked at this piece online, I have found it relatively cheap. But I read that if I change the motherboard myself, I will get error 35 and I will not be able to activate it. Somebody could help me ? Thank https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/YHVNzhI
  4. I have a V3 INMOTION for 2 years. Trying to patch a tube from one of the tyres, in the process of opening the scooter, I accidentaly touched the motherboard with a screwdriver and burned the electronic moterboard. I took the battery and the motherboard out from the carcase in the hope to find out a way to repair it, but in the meantime, the battery exploded in my garage and there was nothing left to attempt any repair!!! I am trying to order one from INMOTION for more than on year, but I get no answer. I come here in this forum with the hope to find somebody that has a damaged V3 and has the battery and the motherboard still intact. Thank you in advance for your answers!!!
  5. Here is an image of the controller board from my generic electrically locked up Step-n-Roll, with wire color codes, for reference. If anyone has information on the undocumented connector lands, I will be happy to update the image and re-post.
  6. So yesterday, I was riding my wheel around. After I ran over a rubber deflated ball and it got stuck under the tire. I couldn't get it out so then I tried lifting up the wheel and shift it forward so that the wheel starts moving. Although the wheel wasn't able to rotate, I tried again but then the wheel started smoking. I think it's because the MOSFETS couldn't handle the wattage and power for the wheel to start spinning from that blockage. The wheel could still turn on at that point but I left it off as I carried, walking about a km home. That night, I tried turning it back on, after a few seconds, BAMN! Shut off, unable to turn it back on . However I did remove that rubber ball out of the insides of the euc. Although I'm unhappy that the wheel still can't turn on. What do I do now? Leave it, buy a new motherboard, is there anything I could do to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
  7. I purchased a TG-T3 used and after a few months It stopped turning on. I've come to find that the power switch failed and a few of the flat resistors on the motherboard burned out. I've searched the internet looking for a TG-T3 motherboard and have contacted many venders who sell EU parts to no avail. The closest I've come to finding a replacement for my purple TG-T3 motherboard is a yellow Solowheel motherboard I purchased from Alibaba.com. After installing it, all it wants to do when its turn on is go in one direction as fast as it can until it errors out. I've tried jumping the pins to do a balance reset but that didn't work. Its as if it doesn't know that its on the ground or balanced. Any thoughts? Was it just silly of me to blindly put in another mother board? Does anyone know where I could get a TG-T3 motherboard or how to get this Solowheel motherboard to work with my TG-T3 hardware?
  8. Hello! have a cheap $250 generic with speakers and headlights. My first mod will be to hack the shell up and remove the fender area. This will make it easier to offroad with(no grass will hangup on the fenders), and then I will figure out how to raise the pedals. My next question is a motherboard upgrade. I wish it would go faster than 8mph than beeping and tilting pedals till i jump off. I know some people on here have done this mod. first pic is mine.
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