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  1. Unfortunately pursuing IE11 support is a rabbithole of madness, multiple applications I support have given up trying and recommend users use Chrome or Firefox instead, though reportedly the newest Microsoft Edge is Chrome based.
  2. This is a great mod @Jtn260, I've been meaning to pop open my shell and add in some 144/m strip and an esp8266 or esp32 since the existing animations are a bit naff. Where did you tap into the original 5v output, in the controller part of the shell?
  3. Just anecdotally I recorded a tour last night (my time) and it worked fine, you can see it at https://euc.world/tour/588002204823251
  4. Aside from the water damage one these are all mosfets/ics going up in smoke. Either Gotway has a batch of dodgy mosfets or some of the associated control circuitry is out of spec/faulty and causing mosfet oscillation and overheat. From what I've seen the heatsinking of the mosfets seems to be appropriate so I don't think it's that, though maybe hot glue man and heatpaste man swapped jobs for a week?
  5. Yeah, I think that may be a little slow for them but there's nothing stopping us having a lower speed and chat ride in future.
  6. Scooter Squad have a Yeronga loop on this Saturday if you're available. I don't quite have enough range on my S2 but will be attending - https://www.facebook.com/events/3231296186900873/
  7. Bumping this thread, do we have any more riders in Brisbane? I'm looking to start arranging some group rides in the near future now that restrictions are dropping, who else would be in?.
  8. Thanks, I figured it might be something like this. Will I need to do these steps each time?
  9. So I tried AVAS today with a bluetooth speaker, but EUC world didn't make any noises through it, seems like it did not pick up speaker as audio device? Youtube etc works fine.
  10. That explains a bit, since sometimes I will kill the app and I get the message shortly after that the app keeps crashing, I have trip logging on by default so I may need to adjust the threshold I'm using for detecting end of trip in the app. Looking forward to trying out AVAS tomorrow on my first ride into work in a month, this is a great app @Seba.
  11. I'd be happy to volunteer as a guinea-pig for Ninebot support if one is required. I've had a quick look but have been unable to figure this out for myself. Short of going into apps and force stopping the app or rebooting the phone how are you normally supposed to exit EUC world on Android PIE? It always seems to end up in the background when I dismiss it from the task switcher and beep beep beeps until the wheel is connected again if I don't do the above.
  12. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing an S18 in person because here in Brisbane we can only use non-road side bike paths and footpaths other than some lower speed roads. Most of our footpaths are not well designed or maintained for the traffic of PEVs that are coming out and I've had a few spills that a suspension equipped wheel would likely have better resolved. I was looking into an MSP for my next wheel, but the S18 is also catching my eye.
  13. Queensland is currently the most PMD friendly state in Australia, which is pretty great. TMR's rules for statewide support is at https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/safety/rules/wheeled-devices/personal-mobility-devices and for BCC they have guides on local rules at https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/things-to-see-and-do/outdoor-activities/cycling-in-brisbane/cycling-rules-signs-and-safety-tips The TL:DR of it is though: Can ride on footpaths Can ride on local roads (no centre line, not greater than 50 km/h roads) Can ride on Bike Paths Can't (legally) go over 25km/h Can't ride on roadside Bike Lanes Can't ride in areas where Bikes/PMDs are expressly banned by signs. Right now this includes Queen Street Mall, Brunswick Street Mall, Chinatown and the pedestrian section on Albert St between Elizabeth and Mary streets. There's currently a review being held for the Australian Road Rules which will enshrine most of this, but they would be locking down PMDs to everything except being allowed on Bike Lanes and would force a 25km/h max speed limit and 10km/h around pedestrian limit.
  14. Might be worth a separate thread RE this, as I'm having the same issue with Macrodroid with an original kickstarted pebble.
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