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  1. These are spacers on the motor between the hangers and the motor cover, so it's possible someone in factory or owner has swapped them around
  2. This is by design, you'll find that the side with the wider motor-shell distance has the tube valve on it. This offset spacing is to allow for easier access to the valve
  3. The 16X audio is local, you could technically tap into one of the speaker wires for a bluetooth transmitter you install. It's odd that your 16X speakers are quiet though - mine are loud enough to call the police on me in the streets. The general workaround is for people to use EUC world and its audio alerts.
  4. It's funny how much effort they've gone to waterproof the sides, only to turn it into a bucket for any water entering through the trolley handle.
  5. I wonder how similar this would be to 16X current consumption. I had done the math around it and was looking at a 50A BMS per side pack for mine.
  6. Probably should be a separate thread, but make sure the control board is secure and not floating around and doublecheck the hall effect sensor connection is secure. The wires would only get hot if it's attempting to put a lot of force through or if the motor has a short inside. As unlikely as it sounds your motor may be damaged - I've seen a few of these where severe kerb drops have brought the rotor out of true with the rest of the unit and it causes a short in the motor and stinky wire insulation smoke.
  7. @Seba thanks for updating us and all the work you do on EUC World. I hope your recovery from CV19 continues well and you are well and healthy
  8. On my EUC world app the previous tour is still drawn out on the map, and I have full google location history from during the tours, so it's not likely to be at the device end.
  9. My two little Pomeranian/Chihuahua cross wouldn't be able to keep up, however one loves hanging her head out the window in the car so we're training them to be OK with carrier backpacks so my partner and I can carry them on rides. See if you can guess which one likes it better.
  10. Interesting that you should say that, I was already on a tour before changing this setting and couldn't figure out why setting it to live didn't make it visible on my tours page or on the map. My last successful tour upload was 9 January so this may be a backend issue.
  11. Hi folks, The other day before a group ride I tried changing a tour to public for everyone, and since then none of my tours have displayed against my account. On the app you could see that it was recording the tour (the entire trail was visible) but it seems like they've vanished once they get to the site. Is there anything I can do here to recover these?
  12. Just a quick update, the event today has been cancelled due to poor weather.
  13. If you put an addressable RGB LED strip that is more dense than 30/m in and connect it to the original controller data it will only light up the first 30, if you put in RGBW it will light less since the RGBW ones are expecting 4 color definitions instead of 3. Here's a video showing the difference between the stock lights and replacement RGBW strip that is 144/m. I've done a full swap for my 16X and put my own homebrew controller in, but the strips with built in controllers will be much more accessible for most people. Also the Silicon Tubed (ip67) varieties of
  14. I unequivocally do not support plagiarism and to be clear am not saying you are to blame for what has happened (ala victim-blaming). All I am saying is that instead of escalating straight to the nuclear option you should speak to Jimmy first which going by your responses so far all I can assume is that you haven't tried. People do dumb things without considering the consequences or complete follow-through sometimes and as fellow members of the EUC community and humanity we should be trying to give them the benefit of the doubt first. People don't respond well to outright escalation and pe
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