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  1. Ouch, that's an unfortunate break but at least you know where the problem is. Good luck with fixing that, slack on the cables in that area can be hard to find.
  2. Check the hall effect sensor cable, if it powers up and beeps repeatedly after disconnecting the motor like you've advised this connection is not solid. This can be validated by checking what version of firmware is reported in EUC World/Kingsong/Softuner. If it's null the wheel hasn't booted properly into the firmware due to a hall effect error.
  3. It's not, you can see their reviews at https://www.reviews.io/company-reviews/store/ewheels?filters[0]= and filter it down to 1,2,3,4 or 5 star reviews and see that there are definitely 'bad' reviews. Unfortunately the attitude displayed by d0n here is pretty common in retail spaces from my experience. Mods should close this thread as the entire premise of the title is demonstrably false.
  4. The pedestrians are on a zebra crossing whilst their crossing lights are green, and the EUC rider is riding towards a red light. In most civilised areas of the world this would mean the pedestrians have ultimate right of way here. It is not up to them to anticipate how fast a vehicle that should not be crossing the zebra crossing contra-flow is travelling at.
  5. These are looking great, looking forward to being able to print these for my 16X
  6. I do this regularly in servicing EUCs and have yet to see a single one cracked like you've posted above even on the most mistreated v11's I've worked on. Are those two bolt holes the only ones that have cracked? You mention 'all of them' have broken but the m3 and m4 bolts that also screw into the motor axle block don't appear to show the same damage. Have you at any stage added any threadlocker to these bolts for the holes that have cracked?
  7. If you plug the charger in while the wheel is off you will likely hear the fans kick in for a second before it wakes up and realises it's been woken by a charger. You may see some leds through the shell, but other than that typically the other lights do nothing while charging.
  8. Things like indik8 aren't used in isolation from this. I signal with my hands and trigger the indicator at the same time.
  9. Heck, as members of the humerus surgery club we bear the scars to show it. I hope you recover well @ThaBlackCobra, the recovery from it is boring at first but takes slow and steady determination to return comfortably from. Though you do get the super power of feeling oncoming weather, not sure if it's worth the admission ticket
  10. Just on this, as someone who has had to both drill several 16X pedal hanger to case bolts out and replace inner shells you only need to finger tighten them. The difficulty will be when you remove them, since the pedal hangers are aluminium and the bolts are stainless steel and the oxide on the aluminium can interact with the stainless steel to 'freeze' them in place. Before you even begin removing these bolts, place a PH2 screwdriver into the screw head and tap it with a hammer three times to 'unstick' the bolts. Some will seem to be super tight from factory, just give them a few more tap
  11. This is also the reason I have left a 5 star review. It's important that Seba's work is appreciated and recognised here.
  12. These are spacers on the motor between the hangers and the motor cover, so it's possible someone in factory or owner has swapped them around
  13. This is by design, you'll find that the side with the wider motor-shell distance has the tube valve on it. This offset spacing is to allow for easier access to the valve
  14. The 16X audio is local, you could technically tap into one of the speaker wires for a bluetooth transmitter you install. It's odd that your 16X speakers are quiet though - mine are loud enough to call the police on me in the streets. The general workaround is for people to use EUC world and its audio alerts.
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